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Are you interested in making a better future for yourself? Are you open to trying something new?

Evolve Today

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Melbourne, Victoria

Focus areas

Joy Fears Hypnotherapist Love Self-help Panic attacks

Are you ready to give yourself a life-changing gift?

I am excited to be able to offer self-help programs that have reached a new level where they create positive change in people’s lives.
What clients love about the programs is that they are tried, tested and they work.

I appreciate it can be a big step to commit to such a life-changing program. That’s why I offer a free 30 minute session in person or over the phone where we can simply chat and you can gain a greater understanding of the programs and opportunities that await you.

You may like to consider some of these questions as guides to what you would like to work on or the direction you wish to take.

• What's holding you back the most?
• What is your biggest fear?
• Are you stuck in an unhealthy/abusive relationship?
• Are you looking for a new relationship?
• What opportunities are you missing?
• What dreams have you given up on?

Some of the techniques and tools that I use include :
  • Life and Personal Development Coaching
  • Stellar Chakra Balance and Clearing
  • Holistic Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression& LBL
  • Self-Renewal Tools
  • Mindfullness and Meditation

    Here is what some of my clients said about their sessions:

    My session with Olya created a healing at the deepest level. One of the most amazing healings I have ever had. I trusted her implicitly and am forever thankful to her. Rachael, Bris

    My sessions with Olya have been a rewarding experience. I felt safe and comfortable in her professional care. As a result of my time with Olya I have made positive changes to my life and feel confident about my future, time to let the past disappear. Faye, Melb

    My relationship had reached a crossroads. The Program helped me to make the right choice for me. I have now moved forward in my life and am ready to let in a new relationship. Anon, Melb

    “I had tried counselling a gazillion times, I got the mindset. I could articulate every thought, feeling and reaction I would make. But I couldn’t break it. I was stuck… After my sessions with Olya I was able to move on in my relationship, stop the panic attacks, the fear… allowing me to take back control of my life. Kylie, Melb

    My session with Olya helped me immensely. It became one of the final hoorahs to have the courage to move forward with my life and leave the painful past. To be me and not what everyone else wants me to be. I am now enjoying my new life! Zia, Melb

    I would love to hear from you. Please call on 0400025522 or visit my website at www.evolvetoday.com.au.
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