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Exercise Life Skills Consultancy

Janine Walsh

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Exercise Life Skills Consultancy
Our accredited Exercise Physiologists provide treatments and long term solutions for Hypertension, Obesity/Overweight, Anxiety, Diabetes and more! Safe and Effective for all ages from Children to Elderly and Pre & Post Natal...

Exercise Life Skills Consultancy

Welcome to Exercise Life Skills Consultancy

Don't think exercise is for you? Never exercised much before? Intimidated to start or know where to begin? Start exercise and then stop? Not enough time in the day? There are solutions to these concerns.Exercise is important to prevent chronic diseases...


Exercise has a lowering effect on High Blood Pressure.This is known as the post exercise blood pressure lowering effect. If you have high blood pressure, learning how you can incorporate exercise in your life will benefit your health...Read More.


Being overweight is a risk factor for many things such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes. Exercise has many benefits such as having a protective action in regards to among other things heart disease and diabetes. For overweight people exercise is important for this reason...Read More.


Whether you are pregnant or have given birth, and have a new baby, an exercise plan can be created just for you. An exercise plan is created that takes into account your unique physical needs and lifestyle demands...Read More


Children are not just small adults. Their bodies are at a completely different stage of development. Therefore, creating an Exercise plan for a child must meet their unique physical and psychological needs. Helping them learn life long healthy habits...Read More


Whether you are in your fifties or 85 years and above, the scientific research indicates that it's never too late to gain health benefits from exercise. Perhaps you have arthritis or osteoporosis. Maybe you have never exercised much before...Read More


Scientific studies have shown the benefits of exercise for depression. If you have depression learning how you can get started to incorporate exercise in your life may benefit you greatly...Read More


Scientific studies have shown the benefits of exercise for anxiety. If you have anxiety learning how you can get started to incorporate exercise in your life may benefit you greatly...Read More


Exercise has many benefits, whether for general health or chronic diseases. Learn what the most current evidence-based research shows about the benefits of exercise...Read More

About Us!

What does an Exercesie Physiologist do?

An Exercise Physiologist has completed a 3 or 4 year university degree. Personal Trainers, a profession that is more familiar to the general public, can train from 6 weeks to 6 months for their qualification. Exercise Physiologists study the science of exercise. They thoroughly study the anatomy, physiology, biology and chemistry of the body, to understand the effect exercise has on the body. A depth of understanding of a broad range of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and depression is attained by an Exercise Physiologist. The effect of exercise on chronic diseases, the prevention of chronic diseases and general health is studied. The most current evidence-based scientific research on exercise is studied in the degree an Exercise Physiologist completes.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist has gained Accreditation from Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). To gain Accreditation, detailed proof must be given to prove university knowledge in many topics (as degrees for Exercise Physiologists are different in different universities). It must also be proven that the Exercise Physiologist has had a set amount of hours of clinical practice experience, in three areas.

These three areas include:

  • Metabolic/cardiopulmonary
  • Neuromuscular/ neurological/ musculoskeletal and
  • Apparently healthy clients

    Most people can guess that exercise would benefit them in some way and most people feel they are either not doing enough exercise or no exercise at all. It doesn’t take a university degree for people to come to these conclusions...Read More

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