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Catherine Hamber

Catherine Hamber

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Enjoy learning to think in movement in a way that resolves many of your life's difficutlies through self-knowing.

Catherine Hamber

Servicing area

The Hills District, New South Wales

Focus areas

Movement Tension Continence Habits Joy Fitness

‘Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.’
M Feldenkrais

Catherine has a practice which includes athletes as well as those living with pain or disability. Some clients wish for greater ease of movement and an increased sense of vitality, others seek to improve movement difficulties related to injury, pain or neurological conditions.

Movement lessons so you can move with more ease and comfort

Joining weekly Awareness Through Movement® Feldenkrais classes is an effective way to learn to move in an easy, comfortable way. Each class facilitates the re-learning of fundamental movement patterns and co-ordinations, with which pain, injury or movement difficulty often interferes. This gentle approach is safe for people who cannot participate in regular exercise and a valuable adjunct for those who can. Participants will be offered the means to make lasting changes, while enjoying the process of learning.

Can you laugh, cough, sneeze, run and jump with confidence?

Your Power Centre is a series of Feldenkrais movement lessons which may benefit anyone interested in developing a more sensitive, functional and responsive pelvic floor. The six week series explores the co-ordination of the pelvic floor with body movement, as needed in a busy active life.

Many women find they approach sport with caution due to possible embarrassing leakage. They may find that their sudden hilarity at a joke may have to be stifled to maintain continence. These lessons enhance the support for the pelvic organs, assisting awareness and the ability to enjoy the activities you choose to maintain fitness.

The lessons consist of comfortable, easy explorations that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity. By involving imagination, attention, perception and cognition these pleasurable and precise sequences bring awareness to the parts of the self that commonly remain hidden, and alter the neuromuscular patterns that organise and control movement.

Dismounted movement lessons for horse riders

SENSATIONAL SITTING is a series of workshops presenting lessons which explore whole movement patterns which will be interesting to horse riders and clarify different aspects of your riding seat. Each workshop is complete in itself and complements and adds to the others.

While riding there is a lot to pay attention to! You will be considering how your horse is travelling and staying aware of what is happening around you. In dismounted lessons you can pay more attention to how you sit. You probably already know in which direction your horse travels best. How much is this related to your own movement habits and how much to those of your horse?

Your capacity to maintain your own self-carriage and to give clear and precise aids helps you and your horse work together. When you can sit without unnecessary tension, you can feel your horse's movement clearly and encourage him to find his own self-carriage to develop strength and co-ordination for whatever work you do together.

Catherine has a special interest in and experience with equestrian athletes and equine performance. She works with riders from all disciplines and at all levels. Her workshops are grounded in her extensive study of how horse and rider move and well-developed skills in movement facilitation.

Catherine also works with horses using her experience with the Tellington Touch™ Equine Awareness Method (TTEAM), physiotherapy and as a rider, competitor and coach in disciplines from dressage and eventing to vaulting and endurance.

  • Weekly Awareness Through Movement lessons during term time

  • Your Power Centre: Educating the pelvic floor

  • Sensational Sitting dismounted workshops for horse riders

  • Functional Integration by appointment
Come and enjoy learning more about the way you move and how to become comfortable in activity.

Call me for more information or an appointment.

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