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Classical Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology Consultations with Master Siou Foon Lee: Practical tools for Your Home, Business & Personal Life

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Welcome to Feng Shui Innovations Australia

“ Looking to find practical solutions to problems related to your health, relationships or finances? ”
“ Would you like to have a leading edge in your career and business life?”
“ Does your home or office environment need a makeover?”

MASTER Siou Foon Lee offers Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology / Chinese Metaphysics consultations to a wide range of people, from young adults, couples and small business owners through to directors and managers of large corporations. She is recognised for pioneering Feng Shui in Australia; helping ordinary people understand how to unleash their hidden potential. Many of these people have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs and others have taken the advantage of additional success in all aspects of life.

Classical Feng Shui

“Feng Shui offers sound principles and guidelines for managing problems with your health, relationships, finances, home and business.”

Authentic Classical Feng Shui dating back 3500 years is timeless and so relevant in our contemporary lifestyles and business environments. A more harmonious interaction between people and their personal space is essential in this new millennium of thinking and living. Feng Shui is ideal as it is all about life fulfilment.

Inherently Chinese, Classical Feng Shui does not require you to display Chinese cultural objects. The recommendations are practical and suited to modern lifestyles.

No suggestion is made without a basis of fact, no solution given without a voice of reason.

Today, large corporations around the world are investing in Feng Shui expertise in order to have a leading edge. Commercial enterprises see Feng Shui as a way to manage their luck factor. People from all walks of life are wanting more harmonious living and working spaces.

There are different approaches to a consultation depending on practitioner training and their level of experience. Overall, it is about:
  • managing your luck/destiny
  • improving your home/work relations
  • increasing productivity
  • promoting vibrant health/wellbeing
  • inviting abundance and success
Feng Shui practitioners with deep insights of advanced methods can expertly recognise what is happening currently and also significantly forecast new changes taking place. Such personal advice gives you a decision making edge. To find out more about Feng Shui please visit Feng Shui Innovations Website / Feng Shui


To book a Classical Feng Shui Consultation with Master Siou Foon Lee
please use the "Request An Appointment Form" at the top of this page or
phone: [+61 2] 9826 0002 / mobile: [+61 2] 411 387 618


Chinese Astrology / Chinese Metaphysics

“Learn about your personality traits. Find out how Chinese Astrology can provide a positive focus in your life.”

MASTER Siou Foon Lee provides consultation in Chinese Astrology forecasting wellbeing and health aspects, helping couples understand their relationship compatibility; advising upon career choices for school leavers; assisting young adults keen to make informed decisions about creating relevant changes at a crossroad; and guidance and mentoring in life management including career, business or management options.

"...More recently we have been using astrological appraisals for potential staff. Siou Foon has proved very accurate and consultative, without even meeting the potential candidates. Her appraisals are insightful, reflecting the reports of recruitment agencies and psychometric testing."

With the help of a BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny reading, Master Siou Foon Lee is able to advise the type of road map you have ahead of you on your journey along life's highways. Helping you understand more clearly the cycles of good and bad fortune. Giving you the opportunity to undertake proper planning and make informed decisions that generate the best possible outcome and maximise your true potential. To find out more about Chinese Astrology and Bazi readings please visit Feng Shui Innovations Website / Chinese Astrology


To book a Chinese Astrology Consultation with Master Siou Foon Lee
please use the "Request An Appointment Form" at the top of this page or
phone: [+61 2] 9826 0002 / mobile: [+61 2] 411 387 618


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