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My Client’s Wellness is at the Heart of all that I Offer. I like to help you restore balance on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you live with greater balance in yourself, your relationships with others and the circumstances of your life improve. The more balanced we are, the more present we are to enjoy being ourselves and appreciating our life and those around us. We make better choices when we are balanced. DO YOU OR YOUR PET NEED TO RELAX AND UNWIND? My aim is to assist you and your pet or horse to improve your relationship through Reiki and Animal Communication.

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Menopause Depression Trauma Back pain Fatigue Palliative care


Reiki is a safe, gentle yet powerful ancient form of hands on healing originating in Japan. Reiki helps the body to relax, calms and clears the mind and speeds up the natural healing process in the body.   Everyone can benefit from Reiki: the Elderly, Parents, Babies, Kids, Teenagers, Pets and Horses.


Speeds up the healing process, soothes pain, calms inflammation, dissolves tension, helps one to let go of fears and insecurities, is fabulous before and after surgery and combines well with other modalities.

Do any of these relate to you?

Recent surgery   Cancer   Epilepsy   Stress   Chronic Illness   Fibromyalgia   Chronic Fatigue   Muscular pain/tension   Headaches   Back Pain  Insomnia   Foot Discomfort   Pregnancy   Mother & Baby   Shyness   Sensitive Child   Low Self Esteem   Lack of Confidence   Depression  Hysterectomy   Menopause   Insecure   Lacking Direction   Feeling Stuck & Unhappy   Recent Injuries   Vertigo   Knee Pain

If they do then Reiki can help you on your journey to improved Well-Being.


Reiki is beneficial for many things:

  • If you are feeling stuck, unable to move forward and frustrated then Reiki can definately help you to shift the perspective. It calms and clears your mind helping you to have more focus, motivation and direction.


  • Regular Reiki is very soothing and nurturing during pregnancy relieving back pain, tired and aching legs and feet and is wonderful for both Mother and Baby following the birth. It also helps Babies that are teething.


  • Injuries respond well to regular Reiki treatments as it is so soothing and helps the body to do what it does brilliantly, heal itself. Reiki relieves aches and pains and helps one's mind to stay positive.  Reiki helps dissolve the phantom pains associated with losing a limb and helps the person to come to terms with this very challenging situation.


  • Cancer or Pallative Care can be extremely challenging for both the person and loved ones. Regular Reiki treatments help soothe, calm, relax and nurture. It melts away anger, fear and anxiety helping everyone to cope with much more ease.


  • The Elderly and Frail respond well to the gentle touch of Reiki and feel nurtured.


  • Depression and fears of the unknown can be helped with regular Reiki treatments. Reiki supports the body and mind and helps more clarity and hope to come in.


  • Vertigo responds to regular Reiki treatments as it helps the imbalances to clear within the Chakras and the body naturally relaxes and a sense of harmony gradually comes in.


Regular Reiki Treatments: Buy a block of 5 for $400 receiving a Fabulous Saving of $50. ( 90 min Reiki is $90)

Give me a ring to book you in and create a treatment plan specifically for your needs.



Signature Treatments and Costs


This is a delightfully gentle way to just relax and unwind, calm and soothe your mind and nourish your soul. Reiki is a gentle non-invasive form of energy healing. This can either be a front and back of the body treatment or a front of the body treatment depending on what is going on physically and emotionally.90 minutes investment for just $90  

Reiki and Meditation Bliss

This is a totally Blissful experience. We begin with a Guided Mediation and then follow this with a front and back of the body Reiki treatment. This is fabulous if you are going through a lot of challenges, are stressed or just wish to improve your awareness and totally relax and find Peace.
2 hours investment for just $150

Reiki and Flower Essence Treatment

For those going through a lot of confronting or unsettling times, this combination is absolutely fabulous! I have found that the Flower Essences support you through and after the treatment working on a much deeper level. Flower essences like Reiki work on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. We begin with a consult and choose the Flower essences, make up your dosage bottle. The essences you will take daily last for approximately 2 weeks following the treatment. We follow the consult with a front and back of the body Reiki treatment.

2 hours investment for just $150

Distant Reiki Treatments: 1hour $50

If you cannot have a treatment in person, this is a wonderful alternative and very effective. We book in a time, I chat to you over the phone first for your consult or over ZOOM and then follow this with a 60 min Reiki treatment. Following the treatment I ring you either later that day or the following day to find out how you are.


House Clearing with Reiki: 90 mins for $90 Distant Reiki

This is a very effective way of shifting unpleasant or stagnant energies in your home.  If you or your pets are struggling with different issues or are unwell then this is a lovely thing to do to improve the vibration of your home.  I speak to you over the phone and we book in a time and date for the Distant Reiki. I ask you for the plan of the house and address. Once I have completed the Reiki I follow up the next day with a phone call to find out how the house feels now.



Easy for everyone to learn and use. Reiki can do no harm, even when used by the most novice practitioner. It goes to the deepest source of the problem and always supports a path towards balance and harmony.
All this is in the palm of your hands!

Level One Usui Tibetan Style Reiki - Is about learning to treasure yourself and help yourself to heal on a physical level
I recommend a 1 hr Reiki treatment prior to the course as this begins the healing process. You experience the body’s energy system & gain a better understanding of Reiki. You learn to treat yourself and others and explore the many uses of Reiki in your daily life.                Course is held over 2 days and Investment is $300

Level Two Reiki - Treasuring Yourself and Letting go of the Past
This is the practitioner level and where you begin to take full responsibility for your own healing.
You learn three Usui symbols and how to let go of your past traumas, which enables you to live more fully in the present and really embrace life. You also learn to give professional Reiki treatments to others. Case studies are required at this level to develop confidence and competence. Course is held over 2 full days or 3 half days and Investment is $400

Advanced/Third Degree Level - Living Reiki and Expanding your Awareness
Is when a person is very dedicated and wishes to go on to either teach Reiki or just for your personal growth.
This level is held over 2 ½ days and you learn to give a healing attunement after receiving your Usui and Tibetan Master symbols. This expands your Reiki energy even more and you will be able to incorporate this into your treatment making it even more effective. Investment is $600

There is a minimum of at least 1 year between Advanced and Masters
This level is for students who really take responsibility for their own healing, have a good understanding of Reiki, attend monthly share groups and are disciplined in their Reiki practice.
The student receives their last attunement, learns to perform Attunements and pass the system onto others.
Through ongoing practice and taking responsibility for ourselves and our path, we purify our mind, our body, our heart and our soul opening ourselves up to love.


I am a member of the Australian Reiki Connection and have been a practitioner since 2001 and teaching Reiki since 2004.
I did my Teacher training in Usui  Tibetan Style Reiki & Karuna Reiki Master training in the U.K with the same Reiki Master, as well as Reiki for Horses training in Devon in the U.K. I have completed Angie Websters Animal Reiki course and done Animal communication with Anna Buitenbracht.

If you would like any more information on Learning Reiki please give Fiona a ring now on Tel: 0438 717 146.


    • Usui Tibetan Style Reiki/Master Teacher – UK – 2002 - 2003


    • Karuna Reiki Master Teacher – UK – 2004


    • Seichim Reiki – UK


    • Reiki for Horses – UK


    • Colour therapy for Animals – UK


    • Crystal Therapy & Reflexology Level 4 – UK 2000 to 2004






9 Services

Aromatouch Massage

Aromatherapy Swedish/Relaxation Massage Women's Health
$75 Per session

This is a deeply relaxing aromatherapy back of the body massage. I use 8 pure doTerra essential oils to create an amazing treatment. This is a wonderful way of destressing, unwinding, clearing out negativity and letting go of tension in the body.

Reiki treatment

1hr 30min
Energy Healing Energy Healing
$90 Per session

This is a very gentle energy balancing treatment. Reiki helps melt away worries, anxiety, stress and tension. You come away feeling lighter and mentally clearer.


  • AromaTouch Practitioner
  • Tibetan Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Animal Therapist
  • Crystal Workshop Practitioner
  • Nature and Energy Workshop Practitioner
  • Colour Therapist