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If you have been feeling unwell lately or feel you could be better I will help you on your path to more vibrant energy and lasting health solutions.

Fleur Price Naturopath - Naturopathy & Nutrition

Servicing area

Parkinson, Queensland

Focus areas

Health issues Well-being Stress management Health assessment Optimal health Circulation


What is Naturopathy and how can it help me?

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that is based around the healing ability of nature. I offer a holistic approach to wellness that works closely with the healing power of nature and effective therapeutic techniques that support body, mind, and spirit throughout the healing process. I utilise herbal medicine, nutrition, organ function testing, remedial massage, pathology testing, and iridology to help move you towards lasting vitality and health. Often, the issues that you go and see a GP about can also be supported with Naturopathic treatments.

Some individuals come to see a Naturopath to get help with specific health issues such as digestive issues or fatigue. Other people may come to see a Naturopath to get help with stress, learn the correct foods to eat, build a healthy immune system and generally have more lasting vitality and energy.

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