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What to expect?

What is coaching?

Coaching  is a professional partnership where the coach helps direct the client's focus to powerful & useful thoughts & feelings.

Coaching is based on the premise that everyone has the capacity to develop their own best solutions....which they do, if they are guided appropriately.

Coaching is a form of self-directed neuroplasticity which simply means the coach assists the client in developing new and more positive and powerful brain and body wiring.

We can't see our own blindspots. Coaching can help reveal what is keeping you stuck & help you navigate to a new, more powerful, fullfilling way of being.  Coaching helps you feel confident in your own skin.

If you feel stuck, off path, want to transition into a career you love, want to feel less stressed, more confident & more able to effectively communicate, then coaching can help. 

What can you expect?

Coaching is a tailor made solution to suit your specific need.

You can expect to feel safe and in control of your sessions.  Clients typically feel energised and empowered after a coaching session.

A coaching series begins with exploring where you currently are in your life & what you want to achieve from coaching.  From then on typically the client developments inspiring goals & the coach assists in developing strategies & helps navigate obstacles & helps the client develop powerful new ways of thinking.

If you decide to move forward with a coaching series (typically 3 months), you will receive a coaching intake form, a coaching agreement which outlines your coaching plans & terms, & a checklist to determine a baseline for coaching.

You will receive weekly sessions and email support in between as required.

You can expect someone who will be the chief cheerleader in yoiur life - behind you and your goals 110%. You can expect an empowering partnership which will bring clarity, confidence and calm to your personal and professional lives.

Outcomes include decreased stress, increased energy, increased self-confidence, increased personal and professional clarity and improved relationships with yourself and others. You will also have more time and energy to do what is truly important in your life.

If you are in a transition period in your life personally and professionally, and open to think differently than your currently do, then coaching is for you.

You can find a career that aligns with your true self, or you can get help to excel in your current career.  You will move towards your best self so you create outstanding results in career, relationships, income & health.


Focussed Fish