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Ann Brita Nilsson

Fountain Of You

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I am a Kinesiologist and Singer/Songwriter with a sense of humour. I love what I do and love it when you do too.

Fountain Of You - Kinesiology

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Wellness Fears Wellbeing Stress Management Love Life purpose


  • Releasing the blockages to your potential in a safe, non - invasive & empowering way?

  • Discovering & setting new patterns & goals that serve you best ?

  • Exploring your life purpose & what inspires you?

  • Experiencing better moods,concentration, thoughts & feelings?

  • Improving your abilities and performance?

  • Reducing pain, stress & fatigue?

  • Enhancing your zest for life & sense of wellbeing?

  • Achieving balance and harmony in your relationships with others, and yourself?  

  • Transforming fear into living now?


Each session is as unique as you are.

You have the key to unlock your greatest potential.

Discover yourself.

Kinesiology, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT and Time Line techniques are some of the wonderful tools that can combine to facilitate change.

Of course you are absolutely fine the way you are, however if you would like a different life experience, then it's a good idea to change.

It is my honour to be part of your journey.


The basic principle of kinesiology is to balance the body's energies.

Picture the body's optimum state of wellness as a triangle with 3 sides - physical, emotional and bio-chemical. All are vital. Kinesiology seeks equilibrium for all sides of the wellness triangle.

Kinesiology uses the gentle art of muscle testing along with the 5 elements & energy meridians of TCM (Tradtional Chinese Medicine).

What is it that you want to achieve ? What would it be like to function in this new way? What keeps you from achieving it? What would happen if you didn't achieve it?

These are the questions that hold the answers. When we set a goal, our focus and energies become balanced towards it.

It is truly holistic as your body selects the priority method that would best serve you to achieve your goal. Sometimes this involves stimulating certain points, stretching muscles, sabotage clearing, creative visualisation, talking, emotional & postural stress release and many more fascinating options. You are full of possibilities!


In kinesiology, we are working with energy. We believe that any problem/ blockage a person is experiencing is due to a blockage of "chi" . " Chi" means life force energy and relates to how this flows through the energetic meridians of the body. Interestingly enough , “chi” also means the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet and the twenty-second star in a constellation. 


Please get in touch with me to book.

As a courtesy, please notify of any changes to your appointment 48 hours prior.


North Sydney
Suite 4, ( Ground Floor) 41 McLaren Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060

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