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Alexander Technique - Freedom In Action

Servicing area: O'Connor, Australian Capital Territory

Alexander Technique - Freedom In Action
Reduce pain and strain, be more comfortable in your body! Michael Stenning and Léonie John have between them over 40 years' experience in helping clients to reduce and eliminate strain and pain from everyday and specialist activities, while improving their posture.

Alexander Technique - Freedom In Action

We are committed to giving value through conveying practical skills that make a real difference, both short- and long-term, to the prevention and management of injury, postural and ergonomic issues.

We offer
  • one-on-one tuition in the Alexander Technique,
  • group training to address work-related injury and stress,
  • the Stenning Active-Balance range of Ergonomic Office Chairs.
  • Audio CD "Practising Poise"
The Alexander Technique lessons can help address:
  • postural issues,
  • recurrent injury,
  • back pain,
  • overuse/RSI,
  • improvement to sporting/music performance,
  • resistance to injury,
  • balance,
  • breathing,
  • rehabilitation from injury,
  • pain management
  • many other musculo-skeletal and nerve-related conditions
Corporate training programs have helped organisations to reduce workers' compensation insurance by up to 50%-
  • manage and prevent work-related injury,
  • particularly back pain,
  • neck problems,
  • overuse issues
  • stress,
  • improve occupational health
Ergonomic Chairs

We design, manufacture and supply leading edge quality ergonomic office seating. Designed by teachers of the Alexander Technique, experts in good body-use, to help prevent
  • overuse injuries,
  • back problems
  • other problems associated with long sitting and computer use, and to assist in rehabilitation for those who have injuries.

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Qualification Details

Léonie John

Léonie John has a background in music having studied the piano in Glasgow. She began having lessons in the Alexander Technique during student days in 1974 due to recurrent severe back problems. The focus gradually shifted from music to the Alexander Technique via disparate activities such as teaching the piano in the Outer Hebrides and working at the UN in Geneva.

Léonie qualified from Jeanne and Aksel Haahr's training course in July 1984 and built up a busy teaching practice in Edinburgh, before moving to Australia in 1985. Léonie has also taught in Switzerland. She is particularly good at helping individuals with "intractable" problems.

Michael Stenning

Also with a background in professional music, Michael Stenning has worked in OHS/Rehabilitation/Human Potential/Training for 20 years.

He was certified as an Alexander Technique teacher in England in 1985 and subsequently worked under John Nicholls as part of post- graduate training. Michael developed and delivered an anatomy/physiology syllabus for A.T. teacher training in England in the early ‘90’s. He has also developed and delivered performance programs for musicians and athletes and latterly for computer-based workers. He has undertaken performance-related research with athletes, has designed office chairs, and recently completed a Grad Dip. in Learning Difficulties.

The broad theme is always working intelligently to reduce strain, and to avoid or mitigate the risk of injury, while optimising performance. Michael incorporates a sophisticated and well-tested approach to posture, ergonomics, breathing, balance, relaxation, rehabilitation, occupational health, and pain prevention and management

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