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Founder of Fundamental Health Clinic, Kylie Boshammer, has been in the natural therapies industry for 28 years. She started with a successful clinic in Noosa Junction 26 years ago as a qualified Bowen therapist, massage therapist and Science Of Life Counsellor treating a range of clients from winter Olympians to post-natal mothers. The therapeutic industry is such a vast and diverse field, so many choices, so many promises, where to go and who to see? To see oneself as a therapist should be a very serious undertaking and here at Fundamental Health we take this as such. You will receive our undivided attention, our desire to offer the best help we can and we will use all of our resources to offer you the most efficient way back to balance and health. All of us at Fundamental Health have years of working in this field and experience is the key to assist your rapid return to health.

Unique to Fundamental Health is a Weight Loss Protocol developed by our own Homeopath. She has produced a formula that will balance the body and offer it a chance to recalibrate, reset and lose those extra kilos safely and supported all the way. Health, balance and vitality is our sole focus for you. The drops themselves work by balancing 3 major glands – Hypothalamus, Thyroid and Pituitary – whilst supporting your system to burn unwanted fat cells. Put yourself in the picture and watch your daily surprise at how strong and well you feel whilst witnessing yourself shrinking back to your optimal weight. 21 days to up to 15 kilos lost is not uncommon… Call today and find out how we can help you.



A good Remedial Therapist can incorporate several types of massage, as well as a range of other modalities to assist in your recovery in a most effective manner.

Massage is a smooth flowing experience that improves circulation and range of movement, relieves muscular tension and revitalises well-being.


Life Guidance is a unique service to Fundamental Health. Our guidance system is designed to address the individual with a practical approach to what presents due to the unrelenting pressures and stress in our lives.

You will never be left without a lifeline once you step into our doors. Our realistic approach has been genuinely helping individuals whether from professional, personal or sporting backgrounds.

Let us assist you in gaining your strength and confidence again with practical and sound advice from years of experience.


Bowen therapy has long been used as one of the most effective body work treatments to create release and realignment in the body. It is simple, non-manipulative and a most effective method of revealing and releasing long held conditions. Don’t be put off by its simplicity, that is the secret to its success.

With 28 years of experience using The Original Bowen Therapy technique it has become my first port of call when assessing all presenting ailments.

Bowen Therapy can be used on immediate injury and is safe to use on children and the elderly. It is a most effective treatment to help tradies get back on the job after years of physical demands on the body. By releasing major muscle groups which have been trained to “hold” everything together this pattern can then be interrupted and corrected most effectively.


Fundamental Health has in place a complete weight loss solution tailored for your specific needs. We will guide you, support you and encourage you for all your weight loss needs.
Don’t allow yourself to feel disempowered any longer with the many and numerous weight loss programs you have “tried”. We promise to support you with a healthy and educated approach that has long lasting effects.

Rest assured you are not meant to be overweight and unhappy. Weight issues are not always about over eating or lack of exercise, it can simply be about changing metabolism, post baby imbalance or from stress over extended periods of time.

Through correct diet and the use of our carefully designed homeopathic drops – it is a recipe for success.

Let us show you how to jump start your metabolism and lose the weight you want easily and in as little as 21 days. If the simple protocol is followed diligently you WILL succeed.


UNDAMENTAL HEALTH is proud to welcome Clare Rose as an integral part of their team. Her experience is founded, grounded and a delight to witness.

Clare is offering a 90 min treatment that includes an aromatouch massage, a wellness consultation as well as having your own personalised essential oil blend made to take home with you.

You will walk away a better version of yourself after a session with her.

Aromatouch is a clinical essential oil treatment that focuses on easing stress and inflammation while supporting the immune system and bringing the body back into its natural homeostasis.

You will feel mentally and emotionally calmer and uplifted from the experience.

Clare Rose first fell in love with aromatherapy in the 90s as a massage therapist and meditation teacher. Any great therapist owns their modality and morphs it into a unique experience.

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