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Expressive Arts Therapist

Gentle Art Therapy

Focus areas

Anxiety Depression Trauma Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Self-confidence Adolescents


Some of the problems my adult clients have experienced and worked through with me via individual one-on-one Art Therapy counselling sessions include:

  • Childhood trauma of various natures
  • Alcoholism
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Recovering from Bullying in the Workplace
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Boundary setting
  • Assertiveness
  • Mental disability (payments can be claimed via NDIS for this)


Initial Consultation - $120

This helps me to get to know you better and understand what you want to get out of the therapy sessions. To book an initial consultation please press the "Book Now" button to contact Marilyn.

Standard Consultation - $95

In these weekly sessions, I will support you in expressing your feelings using art materials. To book a standard consultation please press the "Book Now" button to contact Marilyn.

Concessional Consultation - $85

Discounted weekly consultation for students and pensioners. Same service as a standard consultation.


A few of my clients who, having completed therapy, describe their experiences:

  • Anonymous – Family Law Solicitor

“Over a short period of time we noticed that our 14-year-old daughter’s previously excellent school marks had dropped significantly and that she was also having difficulty identifying how she was feeling. She was also experiencing relationship issues. She saw a psychologist but did not respond well to ‘talk therapy’. After her first session of art therapy we noticed an improvement in her willingness to engage. She expressed that she found that art therapy with Marilyn was an easier way to express her inner thoughts and emotions and, as a result, she was able to successfully work through the issues she was experiencing at that time. She is now thriving at school both academically and personally and is happy and engaged at home. Marilyn’s use of art therapy with our teenager is definitely the reason for this positive change”.

  • Geraldine B Soc Work

“I contacted Marilyn in the off chance that this activity might benefit my late husband as he dealt with the deficits of advancing dementia, despite art practice never having been a part of his life. I was overwhelmed by the joy he experienced at her weekly visits … and the pride he felt at what he was able to produce. I cannot speak too highly of Marilyn’s work”.

  • Janet BA(Hons), MSc, Grad Dip Psych

“Marilyn helped me through a difficult time in my life and enabled me to get my ‘mojo’ back. Her methods let me express my feelings in a way that was freeing and calming. I found art therapy particularly useful for the insight it gave me into my own thoughts, feelings and personality and I would recommend it to anyone”.

  • Lindy, OT

“Art therapy with Marilyn has been life changing for me. As an OT I have been truly able to benefit personally from her expertise and I have been able to develop art skills and the confidence to enjoy art as a wonderful way of de-stressing and reducing anxiety as well. What I have learnt …. has flowed into my clinical practice. Marilyn is a talented artist with skills to also engage people in the wonderful world of creativity which is unconsciously therapeutic. Art therapy is amazing and so is Marilyn!”

  • Jessica, Dentist

“I was referred to Marilyn … to help deal with PTSD and chronically low self-esteem…. I had also just come out of an abusive, coercive control relationship….. I had previously been seeing a psychologist and counsellor…. I was referred to Marilyn by my switched-on Respiratory Physician and was interested in how Art Therapy would work as opposed to Talk Therapy…..Marilyn led me through a variety of different modalities and each time I was surprised by what came up from my subconscious that had not come up through traditional Talk Therapy sessions…. I hadn’t even been aware of some things but there they were on the page or on the art work…. I gradually incorporated it into my psyche and rebuilt my self esteem…”

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Business Hours

We're open 6 days.


9:00 am To 5:00 pm


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9:00 am To 12:00 pm


  • Bachelor of Science In Social Work (BSSW)
  • Advanced Diploma In Art Therapy

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