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Claire is passionate in promoting health and wellbeing to people in order to help them succeed in their health journey. By providing education to her clients, she is able to create empowerment to make good health decisions.

Get Me Healthy

Focus areas

Lifestyle Wellbeing Pregnancy support Autoimmune disease Feeding Wellness



Claire Mockridge

    • Bachelor in Naturopathy


    • Bachelor in Sport and Recreation


    • Diploma in Nutrition


    • Diploma in Herbal Medicine


Claire is passionate in promoting health and wellbeing to people in order to help them succeed in their health journey. By providing education to her clients, she is able to create empowerment to make good health decisions.

She has accomplished a Bachelor in Naturopathy, Sport and Recreation plus Diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. All qualifications are NZQA accredited and internationally recognised. These qualifications have given Claire the ability to apply science to connect the dots in your story, to find the root cause of the concern.

Her journey started as a child with an interest in swimming, having swam competitively for 10 years.  As a child, Claire experienced an autoimmune disease and digestive complaints as an adult. This experience has inspired a deep desire to help and care for others.  After completion of a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation Claire found a passion for nutrition, which led her to further her career by studying a Bachelor in Naturopathy, Diploma in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.

Providing a positive outlook on life and an empathetic caring attitude helps shape the relationship with her clients.  Claire believes that a therapeutic bond is essential to assist in your healing.

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Get Me Healthy naturopathic services do not attempt nor imply that they can cure any condition. Questions and suggestions are only to assist and stimulate a person's own internal automated processes through herbs, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

What is Naturopathy?


Naturopathy is about using your body’s own immune system with the assistance of herbs and food to bring you back to health. Naturopathy takes an in depth approach to determine the cause and treatment of your concern or condition. This holistic approach means that each wellness plan is different for each individual. They are tailor-made to you.  A naturopath is an educator and provides you with the information and skills to gain empowerment for your own health.

What is Herbal Medicine?


Herbal medicine is taken to assist the body in recovery. Herbs work synergistically with you on an energetic level to enhance your health. Each herb has their own powerful actions to support various bodily functions. Incorporating herbal medicine into your lifestyle is a great safe addition to your treatment plan.



Naturopathic medicine

- One-one consultations which are completely confidential in a safe space. 

- A well detailed case take is taken to ensure Claire has all the information to create the best possible wellness plan specifically for you. This will cover all aspects of your life.

- At the end of the first consultation, Claire will provide you with some goals and recommendations to get started on right away.

- After 3-5 weeks you will see Claire again for a follow up consultation. This is where we can see what is working for you. We may set some new goals to develop the healing process.

Functional Pathology testing

Functional testing can assist in the creation of the wellness plan by identifying biochemical imbalances which lead to disease.

Functional tests can also be used to monitor the progress of the wellness plan.

Some of these tests can be done on site, some you will need to go to a lab for blood serum, some you do in the comforts of your own home. Samples are sent to the Nutrisearch lab, who sends back your results to me.

Herbal medicine

- Claire may recomend herbs as part of your wellness plan.

- Personalised herbal formula's just for you.

- Liquid herbal formula's can be made up to 100mL or 200mL

- Herbal prescription could be advised to take as liquid, dried herb or capsules


- Holistic

- Weight management

- Nutritional advice for your health

- Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

- Pantry audits

- Supermarket tour options

- Six Week Food Challenge

- Workplace health

Health coach

- Empowering you to make a change in your life

- Education and tools to make good health decisions

- Recovery and rehabilitation

- Motivation and Support

- Addressing your physical, emotional and spiritual requirements

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