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Glenda Smyth Holistic Health Practitioner

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"Stress management at its finest"

Glenda Smyth Holistic Health Practitioner - Kinesiology

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Self-empowerment Emotional wellbeing Headaches Nurturing Sinus Stress Management


Neuro-energetic Kinesiology is a powerful and amazing stress management technique. The effects of stress can affect all of us at some time in our lives causing disharmony, distress, disease and dysfunction. With the use of muscle monitoring, as a biofeedback mechanism, stresses and other information about a client's well being can be accessed at a much deeper level. After identifying the factors blocking the body's natural healing process, a variety of correction techniques are used to resolve the issues and assist the body achieve a state of equilibrium.


Kinesiology is safe, gentle and effective and may assist with :


    • Stress management


    • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression


    • Headaches and migraines


    • Emotional issues including grief, guilt, low self esteem, depression


    • Relationship issues


    • Digestive problems


    • Respiratory issues, sinus, asthma


    • Chronic fatigue


    • Learning Difficulties, ADHD, dyslexia, other behavioural issues


    • Physical Issues -chronic and acute pain

And many more physical, emotional, biochemical and neurological conditions.

Clients often leave their session feeling lighter with more clarity of mind.


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