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Jeanne Santosa

Glow Kinesiology Studio

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Balance your energy, live your life.

Glow Kinesiology Studio

Servicing area

Mosman, Neutral Bay & Sydney's North Shore

Focus areas

Hopelessness Fears Energy balancing Wellbeing Growth Feeling stuck

Trouble focussing? Difficulty with decision making? Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or anxious? At Glow Kinesiology Studio balance your energy and release stress so you can feel clear, inspired and empowered. 


Moving forward and breaking old patterns.

Self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

Nutritional support. .

Injury recovery.

Low energy, procrastination and aimlessness.

Relationship problems.

Fears and worry.

Low mood. 

Self-development and personal growth. 

"Jeanne is amazing. Not only is she really knowledgeable and experienced, but she practices very intuitively and with great kindness. I always feel supported and guided, and that I am in a safe space to explore (and clear!) any issues or blockages. The beauty is that it works on so many levels - physical, emotional, spiritual. Big thank you, Jeanne!"

- Jackie

"I'm not even sure where to start - but after just one session with Jeanne I felt amazing. A weight lifted off my shoulders and it has stayed away.I chose kinesiology and Glow specifically to look for a new solution rather than medication and I cannot recommend this enough. To treat a specific issue or even just to do something for you and feel good again - Jeanne is amazing at what she does. Thank you!

- Jodie

"Jeanne Santosa is by far the best person I have been to see to help relieve me of my anxiety problems and feelings of low energy as well as low self esteem. I have been twice now and am feeling re-energised and positive about my health and future. Highly recommend Glow Kinesiology Studio.

- Shelley

"Jeanne is AMAZING!! Three sessions with her and so many positive benefits to my health and life already. Highly recommend!!

- Melanie

“I completed three sessions with Jeanne and having never experienced kinesiology, was both surprised and relieved with the outcome. Jeanne patiently helped to support me through a difficult time...emotionally and physically. She did so in a compassionate and insightful way, picking up on the subtle messages my body was revealing...some that I hadn’t openly acknowledged. Gentle and affirming, Jeanne gave me the tools to navigate my way through a difficult time in a safe space. Thank you Jeanne...I look forward to working with you again in the future!

- Tania

“Thanks Glow Kinesiology. The sessions I received were very effective in balancing energy and had wonderful calming energising effect. The intensity and focus from the practitioner was comprehensive on both physical emotional & metaphysical level... A lasting holistic benefit for the complete being.

- Anthony

“I had three sessions with Jeanne to help treat a range of issues I was dealing with, both physical and emotional. Jeanne is a really good listener, and spent generous time working with me to overcome them. Thanks so much Jeanne for your attention to detail and your ability to get to the bottom of things.

- Scott

“I came in feeling zapped of all my strength and energy and left feeling strong and vibrant. Jeanne has a way of picking up blocked energy that’s been sitting dormant from years ago and ridding the body of it once and for all. 
I am replacing old negative dialogue with new positive talk and now I have the energy to keep going through the week without feeling defeated. And when the triggers come up again in the future they won’t even be noticed as they have been replaced. 
I highly recommend anyone needing some work to go visit Jeanne. She has a beautiful nature and knows her work very well. Her studio is also gorgeous.

-  Katrina

Many people have heard about kinesiology but aren't really sure what it is. In a nutshell, a kinesiology energy balance aims to optimise how our energy is flowing through all 14 of our meridians. Kinesiologists use muscle testing to detect stress and energy blockages in our systems and also to find the corrections that will clear those blockages.


Types of stress that can be held in the body include physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress and nutritional stress. Clearing these stresses allows the body to energise itself, promoting healing and overall wellbeing. 


Kinesiology is fantastic for helping with a wide range of issues including feelings of overwhelm, low mood, pain,  relationship problems, learning difficulties, food and chemical sensitivies goal setting, goal attainment and the list goes on. 

Glow Kinesiology Studio helps you to feel clearer, more confident and more able to move forward and enjoy your life. 


When we are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, sometimes all we need are some minor shifts in our meridian systems, our emotions and our physiology to help us get back on track. A kinesiology balance can facilitate these shifts allowing us to bounce back with ease and joy. 

There are many times in our lives when we just don't feel like we are functioning at 100%. At Glow Kinesiology Studio you can release stress and difficult emotions, heal old wounds and gain clarity about the steps needed to achieve your goals and enjoy excellent health.


Your first session is 1.5 hours in which I will take your history and help you craft a goal for the session. In most initial consultations I will conduct a 14 muscle balance which will reveal any unlocking muscles indicating imbalances and blockages in your meridian system. These issues will be cleared using a range of corrections including acupressure, emotional stress release, nutritional support and a number of other kinesiology tools. The aim of the session will be to reduce any stress around achieving your goal and increasing your level of life energy (Qi). 


Ideally, wear comfortable clothing such as pants or shorts so you are comfortable during muscle testing.  If would like to address food or chemical sensitivities it is helpful to bring samples of any suspected substances to your appointment.  


Please check with your health insurance provider to see if your plan covers kinesiology. 

Participating providers include Australian Health Management AHM, Australian Unity, BUPA, CBHS, CUA, Medibank Private, Grand United Health, HBF,, Healthcare Insurance, Health Partners, Teachers Health, Transport Health, and HCF as Manchester Unity. 

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