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The Natural Apothecary and Gnostic Wellness Centre

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The Natural Apothecary and Gnostic Wellness Centre
Bowen therapy is a gentle but very powerful therapy and addresses all injuries from sports people, to the everyday fit and healthy.

Bowen Therapy

This gentle and safe techniques is highly effective for all individuals and is also able to be performed on newborn babies, pregnant women and the frail and elderly.

Put simply we are resetting the muscular tensions within your body. This will relieve muscle spasm, reduce stress, enhance lymphatic drainage, correct poor posture, nerve sensations and promote relaxation.

Through the resetting of your ligaments, muscles and tendons will relieve pain, correct your joint alignment, improve your immune system and stimulate faster recovery from any injury.

Conditions that Bowen Therapy Address

    • Neck and Whiplash injuries

    • Carpel tunnel

    • Back pain

    • Gynaecological problems

    • Asthma

    • Digestive bowel problems

    • Anxiety

    • Sports injuries

    • And more…

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