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Louise Lugg

Goddess Health & Wellness Day Spa

Burrill Lake NSW 2539

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Keep your body, mind and soul in top condition with soothing Ayurvedic therapies.

Aromatherapy, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation, Blissful Marma Massage & Vedic Eye Therapy

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Burrill Lake, Sutherland & Ulladulla South Coast NSW

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Achieving Good Health the Natural Way

Goddess Health & Wellness Day Spa guides everyone in Burrill Lake NSW down the path to excellent health by providing natural health care services like Ayurveda and aromatherapy.

We combine Ayurveda, the science of life, with natural aromatherapy oils from India to clear your senses and balance your mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation

Learn the workings of Ayurveda and aromatherapy from our qualified practitioner Louise Lugg. During your consultation, she will explain the relationship of your family genetics with the presenting symptoms of your condition.


90mins - $120

Shirodhara Ancient Indian Head Therapy

This modality involves the pouring of warm black seed sesame oil over your forehead and third eye chakra after a warm facial compressing and Marma facial massage.


1hr - $150

Shirodhara Ultimate Full Body Experience

Take time for this soothing therapy which involves a Marma massage session and facial compresses. After this, we’re going to apply some oil blends from Subtle Energies to strength you and promote balance. 


2hrs - $285

Shiroabhyang Indian Head Massage, Shoulders Upper Back and Marma Facial Massage

This treatment focuses on massaging the head to strengthen the nervous system, eliminate fatigue, improve the hormones and blood circulation.


75mins - $165

Padabhyang Indian Leg & Foot Massage

Get rid of aching legs and feet with this ancient leg and foot therapy.

We use the Kasa Bowl technique to release toxins and excess heat from the body.


75mins -  $145

Subtle Energies Signature Abhyang

Improve your health in multi-levels with this whole body massage that combines different modalities such as Marma massage, reflexology and lymphatic drainage.


2 hour - $245

Netra Basti Ancient Indian Eye Treatment

An Ayurvedic eye therapy, this treatment addresses sore and dry eyes. It makes use of natural elements like urid flour dough and black seed sesame oil that’s meant to flow into the eye cavity. 


60mins - $120

Blissful Marma Massage

Subtle Energies created this massage therapy which combines different modalities. It works on the energy points to regulate the flow of energy in your body and improve your overall state of being.


60 min- $125
90min- $185

Kati Basti Ancient Indian Back Treatment

This type of therapy employs infrared sauna to stimulate blood circulation and warm ayurvedic aromatherapy oils for a deep relaxing back massage.


60mins - $145

Rasayana Detox Body Scrub & Wrap

Enjoy a detoxifying body exfoliation followed by the application of warm Ayurveda clay and a soothing Marma facial massage. Finish off with the soothing effects of warm essential oils.


180mins - $385

Crushed Pearl Mineral Body Wrap

Achieve soft and beautiful skin while releasing stress with this treatment that involves exfoliation and a holistic Marma facial massage. It also incorporates  anti-ageing oil blends such as mogra and Indian rose to help you achieve balance.


180mins - $400

Warm Aromatic Oils

Bask in pure relaxation as we pamper you with deep exfoliation using Himalayan salt fused with Ayurveda aromatherapy oils. This helps release toxins, improve circulation, and reduce cellulite resulting from tension. 


75 mins -  $175
90min Blissful Massage - $375

Vedic Eye Therapy

This eye therapy employs techniques like meditation and ayurveda aromatherapy to clear the mind and promote inner peace and balance. It starts off with a foot therapy and finishes with a warm facial compress and a Marma facial massage. 



Goddess Hydrotherapy Ritual

Experience a journey to relaxation like you’ve never before with this body treatment that includes a fruit tonic body wash, exfoliation, and a ginger and warm vanilla sugar melt scrub.


2.5hours -  $325.00

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