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Lynley Evans

Unley Park SA 5061

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Good Evans Consulting

Start on the positive journey of your life.

Personal Coaching Programs & Weight Loss Workshops

Coaching Programs to Pull You Out of Your Shell

Good Evans Consulting helps individuals in Unley Park SA realise their true potential by developing their confidence, self reliance and bullying-proof strategies.

I offer a trustworthy, approachable and compassionate environment for our one-on-one sessions. Here, we will cover the happy episodes in your life as well as the barriers hindering you from pursuing your dream.

My purpose is to make you see and recognise your talents and self-worth through the following programs:

Personal Coaching Program 

The 12-session Personal Coaching Program aims to transform you into the person you want to be. Each session comes with a bonus client workbook so that we can follow through with the strategy that we decide to work on for your progress.


This program concentrates on self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance, and the inner child. It will also look at personality traits and past events that have impacted your life. Take shyness and bullying for instance. 

Weight Loss Coaching Through Hypnosis

Weight problems stem not only from one’s diet, but also from their mindset. This coaching program uses hypnotherapy to help you achieve a positive outcome in relation to your goal.


Self-love, self-esteem and self-acceptance are the focal points of these workshops. The things we do in life boil down to our personal dreams and aspirations, which are deeply rooted in these three areas.

Packages and Rates
  • $125 for individual coaching sessions
  • $600 for 6 coaching sessions
  • $1,000 for 5 hypnosis sessions


“I recently did some work with Lynley, before our time together I was stressed out and anxious about my second pregnancy. I had experienced a rather average antenatal appt that left me feeling totally disempowered and as if I was being “told” what to do. Lynley shifted me back to an empowered state and reminded me I am in total control of my journey. I have been in a little love bubble ever since, enjoying the third trimester, I’ve experienced much more positive appointments since and I don’t think that would be the case if we hadn’t done this valuable work. Thank you so much.”
- Missa Williams

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