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Bloating Pain

Bloating is one of those issues that the medical profession likes to dismiss as any type of real problem. To them bloating is something you should simply get used to living with because it isn’t going to kill you!

Throughout your initial hour long consultation with me I will thoroughly evaluate:

  • Your current bloating issues
  • Your previous lifestyle and medical history
  • Your diet

The Good news is you can eliminate bloating! The secret lies in identifying the underlying cause as to why your digestive system is making all that gas! I am able to openly analyse this!

You will no longer feel held back or feel embarrassed by:

  • The size of your belly
  • Having to stay away from tight jeans
  • Deal with anxiety
  • And more…


Every time you experience diarrhoea it means that food has gone through you without correct digestion. In this case you are missing out on taking in important nutrients. Nutrients such as minerals and vitamins that help to keep your body healthy, repair your body and protect you from illness and disease.

The GOOD NEWS is that there are natural solutions that stop your chronic diarrhoea at the source rather than just block the symptom.

Sometimes stopping diarrhoea is as simple as:

  • Removing specific foods
  • Balancing the levels of the good and bad gut bacteria
  • Lowering the levels of stress hormones


If you experience IBS often I understand that one of the biggest frustrations is that GPs and specialists don’t think that your problem is very serious.

I realise that it is not life threatening but the reality is it can be life ruining.

IBS can be treated! Quickly and Naturally!

The key is to find the true underlying cause of your digestive troubles. Once this has been identified we then develop a plan that restores optimal digestive function so you eliminate gut pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea as issues in your life.


The secret is to pinpoint what the root cause of your constipation, eliminate it and restore correct and optimal colon function. Then you can throw away your laxatives once and for all.

You will notice that you will be free of:

  • The fear of certain foods that paralyse your bowel
  • The stress hormones that shut down your bowels

Gut Pain

We are all aware that gut pain is a real pain and it can really drain the enjoyment out of your life.

We understand that gut pain can lead you to:

  • A loss of enjoyment in eating tasty foods
  • Feeling cranky and irritable
  • Feeling drained and lethargic

Through analysing your history through a ‘health’ perspective and running special ‘functional’ tests I’m able to identify with laser like accuracy your underlying dysfunctions. Then I can design you a customised health plan that gets rid of your gut pain once and for all. 

Book now to experience relief from these conditions and illnesses.

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