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Emma Bellamy Crystal Bed Healing

Bangalow NSW 2479

Servicing area: Byron Bay, Bangalow, Broken Head, Mullumbimby, Suffolk Park

Emma Bellamy Crystal Bed Healing

Crystal Bed Therapy>> If you're experiencing emotional, physical or spiritual challenges or think your health should be brighter and better, you’ve been guided to the right place!

Emma Bellamy - Crystal Bed Healing

Our modern lives mean that we’re constantly exposed to information that can draw on our energy - Our environment, our diet, illness, emotions, our relationships and of course from parenthood... 

Taking positive action to balance our energy fields through healing can help us to manage these issues.

We are all unique and we all need a slightly different approach. We are indeed lucky, because the way of addressing human dissonance is changing at this time.

The Crystal Bed is a part of this change. It is a specialty treatment that acknowledges the WHOLE person; emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


The Crystal Bed contains seven clear quartz crystals. You will lie comfortably and fully clothed on a bed and the crystals are aligned with each of your chakras.

I then cover your eyes with tissue and you will be guided through a meditation while the machine is switched on. Coloured light is then pulsed through the crystals in correspondence with the light of your chakras. The pyro- and piezo-electric effects harmonise with your body's electromagnetic field, restoring it gently to its optimum levels.

When we are in balance, all aspects of our lives benefit because we are living in harmony with our perfect, natural state... We are able to heal faster, sleep better and go about our lives in a more energised, focussed, clear and happy way. Because we feel better we look better, behave better and see the world in a fresh way. 



Most people experience a soothing, meditative state - 'Beautiful' is the word that comes to mind. Some have a profound effect from a single session. Many people sense slight movements in their body or the need to readjust. Some have an emotional response and cry, others feel nothing but peace... the experience is completely individual and unique to you and your life experiences.

I suggest you rest, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water following your session.

My own experience was that I had about five sessions before one stood out as astonishing. It was this session that made me realise that something incredible is going on with the Crystal Bed. I can bear witness to the amazing effects myself, and I want to share them with you too. 


For more information about Crystal Light Bed sessions, or to book, call Emma at Harmonito Healing, visit her website or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message her.


> John of God approved Crystal Bed Practitioner
> Member of the Crystal Bed Practitioner Network
> New World Native Network
> MA Media (Merit) University of Sydney

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