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Harmonix Naturopathy

Yumi Ly

Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

Harmonix Naturopathy

Naturopath who is committed to your health with combining the advanced technology in Non Linear Analysis, Metatron Intruder, as well as herbal medicine, Australian Bush Flower Essence, nutritional medicine and dietary advice.

Harmonix Naturopathy

In our clinic, we use 

Non Linear Analysis
Metatron. Intruder - the latest 2018 model

The soft ware allows to detect and identify:

•Foods to avoid & foods which may be beneficial 
•Beneficial supplements 
•Beneficial gemstones


•Advanced diploma of Naturopathy 
•Certification in Medical Intuition with Tina Zion 
•Certification in basic & advanced Theta Healing 
•Member of the Complementary Medicines Association of Australia

[Specialises in ]

•Autism & developmental delay 
•Microorganisms - Parasite, Candida 

•Digestive health 
•Mental health 
•Stress & Anxiety 

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Harmonix Naturopathy