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Healing and Empowerment

Healing and Empowerment

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You can lose motivation and enjoyment in your life if you allow negative thoughts to dominate your thoughts. It’s so difficult to overcome these obstacles on your own, or when you do, you find that you are hit again. Let Alison help you overcome your life's challenges! Contact her now!

Energy Healer and Oracle Card Reader

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Alison is passionate about healing and empowering others, providing them with powerful spiritual guidance, whether through Oracle Reading or Reiki Healing. 

Through her Oracle Reading sessions, she can remove the panic from a situation and help you gain a greater perspective, or the big picture, of the events in your life. She will help you understand how you got to that point and the opportunities that the Universe is offering you. 

The Reiki Healing session can remove layer by layer what you're ready to let go of. Many clients arrive feeling overwrought and overwhelmed, but leave feeling calmer and lighter.

There are some people who are afraid of making an appointment because they worry they will hear bad news. But the readings are more about where you are in your life, what challenges you are facing, or if there is anything holding you back. 

These modalities can provide an overview and a path to your opportunities.

Services Offered

Oracle Card Readings

When you are at a crossroads in your life, this is an excellent service to use. Through this process, you can see what is blocking you from reaching your goals. Understand what opportunities the Universe is presenting to you and how to take advantage of them. 

You can also simply see what messages the Universe has for you. Everyone leaves with something, even if there was no reason for their visit.  

Reiki Healing

There are many benefits of Reiki, but these are just a few of the reasons clients come for a session: 

  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low energy
  • Children going through childhood health issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Self-harming
  • Past trauma
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Aligning chakra energy points
  • Coming to terms with events in their life
  • Pain and grief
  • Returning to school anxiety 

In these sessions, messages can flow between your subconscious (Higher Self) and your Reiki Healer. When passed on, these messages can help you understand your situation better.

Distance Healing Sessions 

Reiki healing energy can be transferred to you regardless of whether you are in direct contact or thousands of miles away. Following a session, clients feel pain relief, sleep better, and feel lighter and calmer. 

The session is conducted via Zoom, and you can choose to turn it on or off throughout the healing session. If you live far away or cannot visit, distance healing is ideal.

Animal Reiki 

You can gently reduce your pets’ anxiety by using this method. A Reiki Healer may occasionally receive messages from the animal’s subconscious (Higher Self) during a session. When passed on, these messages can help you understand your animals’ situations.  

It can also work the other way around, where the animal can receive reassurance from the Reiki Healer. For example, a racehorse may not believe he’s good enough to win, or a dog or cat may carry concerns from previous events or trauma. 

You can bring your animals for either a half-hour or an hour of treatment. Animal Reiki sessions can also be conducted through distance healing.

Cord Cutting Healing Session

In this session, Reiki healers “cut” or separate the energy between the client and the event to the transition of moving on or letting go easier. It is like a typical Reiki session, but with an additional ritual.

You can use this to separate yourself from a broken relationship, a family member or colleague at work who can negatively affect your daily life, or from something that has caused you to feel depressed. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Alison today!

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