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Healing Balance

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Servicing area: Hampton Park, Narre Warren South, Lynbrook, Cranbourne North, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Melbourne

Healing Balance

Bowen Therapy is a dynamic body therapy that addresses discomfort and imbalance anywhere in the body.It can be used on any age group. There are sequences to address different conditions and problems.

I have my Covid safe plan in place. Be advised you will be temperature
checked on arrival, hand sanitizer must be used and masks worn.

Healing Balance - Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a dynamic body therapy that addresses discomfort and imbalance anywhere in the body by using a skin rolling technique in the region of particular muscles, ligaments and tendons that are closely related to acupressure points, trigger points and the meridian systems.

The muscles relax, reducing pain and increasing range of movement. Muscles, glands, organs and the lymphatic system are all stimulated to gently encourage the body to clear toxins, re-set and heal itself. As part of my Bowen training I have also been taught a very gentle and dynamic lymphatic drainage technique.

This therapy is based on the work of a well known Geelong resident, Tom Bowen. Bowen can be used almost anytime, on fresh or old injuries and on any age group, from babies, kids and adults.

This work can easily be done through light clothing.
Appointments are available Tuesday to Friday and Saturday mornings.

Qualification Details

Certificate in ISBT Bowen Therapy since 2000
Diploma Smart Bowen Therapy since 2007

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Healing Balance