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The Healing Butterfly Touch

Maria De Vivo

Chapel Hill QLD 4069

Servicing area: Servicing Brisbane Western Suburbs

The Healing Butterfly Touch
Holistic Healing and Wellbeing Centre

The Healing Butterfly Touch

Are you ready to take your next step into a healthier and fulfilling life?  If so, we are here for you!

The Healing Butterfly Touch is a holistic and wellbeing centre aiming to support you in regaining a balanced and fulfilling life.  Some of our tools include Counselling, Movement (dance and Yoga), Meditation and different alternative healing techniques such as Reiki, Colour, as well as Aura-Soma Chakra Massage, Esoteric Numerology and Aura-Soma Consultations and more.

Additionally, we offer workshops and courses that will support this transformational process.

Maria De Vivo is very caring and passionate about helping her clients.  She has been practicing Reiki since 2007 and started her journey with Aura-Soma, Crystals and Colour in 2009.  Maria received her certification as a Reiki Teacher in 2017, as a Counsellor in 2018, as a Foundation in Esoteric Numerology Teacher in 2019 and is currently undergoing further training to expand on her skills and tools to offer her clients.

Carlos Pineres from Jiva Yoga Chapel Hill has been practicing Yoga for more than 11 years.  He initially focused on Ashtanga Yoga, modality that he was teaching over in Colombia for four years before coming to Australia in 2014.  In Australia, he has been teaching Hatha Yoga and his students describe him as a very gentle and caring instructor. Currently undergoing further training.  

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Qualification Details
  • Reiki Teacher and Practitioner.
  • Esoteric Numerology Practitioner and Teacher
  • Aura-Soma Practitioner
  • Works with Colour, Crystals and Numbers
  • Hatha yoga Instructor - Carlos Pineres