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Healing Hands Massage

Paula Nebauer

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Healing Hands Massage
Have you tried Bowen Therapy?

Call Healing Hands to hear about the benefits of Bowen - it's great for rebalancing the body and healing so many complaints.

Healing Hands Bowen Therapy

What is it?

Bowen Therapy is named after Tom Bowen (1916 -1982) who worked out that the body has its own innate healing mechanism, which can be triggered by small gentle flicking movements over the muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments. The manipulation helps hydrate the fascia, and causes toxins to be flushed out of the body. Bowen is best performed through light-weight clothing and is performed on specific points on the body, which stimulates the nervous system via the body's fascia, (our body's connective tissue that surrounds muscles and organs like a protective web).  

How does it work?

Our body's fascia has many receptors that powerfully influence the body's neuromuscular physiology, and the gentle Bowen movement can correct the nervous system. Our wellbeing is made up of a balance of many states - the physical, emotional and spiritual - and Bowen Therapy works at all levels, not just the physical

Who needs it?

Everyone who has an ache or a pain.  Bowen has consistently shown to have profound and permanent healing and pain relief outcomes where other modalities or treatments have proven unsuccessful.

Bowen can help a headache, sore neck, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome and issues that relate to poor posture or sitting from lengthy periods eg sciatica. (Did you know the average adult spends 9.3 hours a day sitting!!!). More chronic conditions can also be helped by Bowen, such as Parkinsons, asthma, chronic fatigue, PMS, ADD, even infant colic - and Bowen is so gentle it is safe for children and the elderly.  

How much is it?

An hour's session is $80, or you can book a block of four treatments for $300 and save $20.  

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, call me on 0419 110 317.

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