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Frank La Macchia

Life Coaching & Holistic Counselling Australia

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Your new journey begins here If you could create the ideal relationship and maintain it forever, what would you do? How would it feel if you had the clarity, strength, and self-confidence to make significant changes in your life? Call Frank for a free 15-minute consultation to find out how you can make this happen.

Life Coaching & Holistic Counselling Australia

Servicing area

Victoria, Online Consult Available Australia Wide

Focus areas

Purpose Joy Headaches Self-confidence Life purpose Love


Root Cause Counselling

Getting to the root cause of physical ailments and issues such as weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraine, high blood pressure, fear of intimacy and many more.

About Frank

Frank is a Certified Life Coach and Holistic Counsellor who has assisted people with resolving physical and mental health issues in a holistic and natural way.

In addition to his work as a Life Coach, a Counsellor, a Meditation Teacher, and the author of “Meditation for Beginners” (JoJo Publishing), Frank brings a wide range of qualifications and experience to his work.

He combines neuroscientific evidence with psychological principles and metaphysical & complementary therapies to delve further into the psyche and achieve remarkable results.

Frank utilises evidence-based Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques to help patients:

  • Determine and resolve any issues that cause anger, guilt, anxiety, and fear.
  • Assess personal issues and life goals, and develop a customised self-development plan to achieve them.

All sessions are conducted with respect, care, and confidentiality.

Besides Frank's work as a counsellor and coach, he runs workshops in the following areas:

  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Mindset programming
  • Finding your passion
  • Relationship Dejavu (a workshop for singles)


  • Certificate In Workplace, Training and Assessment
  • Diploma In Holistic Counselling
  • Accredited Relationship Coaching Certificate
  • Certificate In Qi Gong Level 1, Flying Stork & Qi Gong Stillness Meditation
  • Facilitator Training For The Institute of Metaphysics
  • Certificate In Speaking In Public
  • Diploma of Business Specialist/industry
  • Diploma In Life Coaching

Professional Membership

  • Australian Holistic Healers Association