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Obtain peace, space and optimism with ‘The Bars’ therapy sessions.

Access Consciousness: The Bars Therapy

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Go Beyond Your Limits With The Bars

Just because you think you are incapable, it doesn’t mean that it’s real. That’s just your mind talking nonsensically.

Here at Heal Mind Soul in Wyndham Vale, Melbourne, I offer Access Bars therapy that allows your mind to not only think more clearly but see beyond its limitations.

What are Access Bars?

‘The Bars’® is the foundation of Access that was  created by Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas.

This type of holistic therapy consists of touching the 32 points on your head and releasing any obstructions that hinder you from living the kind of life that you aspire for. 

These points store all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have gathered from various events in your life. 

Each point is called a bar and corresponds to different aspects of your life, such as money, sex, body control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, and healing, among others.  

Touching the 32 points on your head frees up any locked up energy in these areas  and allows it to flow, allowing you to be happier, energetic and more optimistic.

How the Bars Work

The Bars is a simple, non-invasive procedure for releasing untapped energy in your body. 

Once you’re in a relaxed state, preferably in a lying position, I will  lightly touch each point on your head to release energy 

The process will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. 

Benefits of Access Bars

  • Promotes better sleep
  • Clears the Mind
  • Relieves physical pain
  • Helps alleviate anxiety, depression and trauma
  • Releases trapped emotions
  • Neutralizes and discharges energy that triggers negative and limiting beliefs
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Enables better focus and concentration
  • Increases physical energy levels
  • Allows joy, happiness and abundance
  • Eases body movements

Who is the Bars Designed for?

Anyone who is willing to face their physical pain, release their turbulent past, and live their life with no inhibitions will benefit loads from the Access Bars therapy.

So long as you are open-minded and ready to experience deep relaxation, you will see immediate improvements in your overall health.

Whether you have anxiety, insomnia, addiction problems, or having issues with money, health, relationships, and even your confidence—thinking you’re not capable—rest assured the Bars can help make a positive change in your life.

What My Clients Think

“I have had a few bars sessions with Preeti and I always feel so balanced & relaxed afterwards. The sessions have helped me deal with my emotions & understand myself a lot better too. Preeti is a kind, genuine soul. If you’re at a tough stage in your life, I recommend seeing her for a bars session because it is truly an amazing thing!.. You won’t understand until you give it a go.

Thank you Preeti”
- Michelle Calanore

“I had an access bars session just over a week ago now. It was an amazing experience. I was very wound up and stressed about work and juggling a 7 month old. I’m usually pretty alert but I managed to fall asleep around 10 minutes into the session. I was still aware but I was totally relaxed - it amazed me. She made me very comfortable before the session finding out about me and what I was looking for. When I went in I was averaging 5/5.5 hours a sleep a night. That night, I managed to sleep from 8:30pm-7:30am the next morning. I slept another 8 hours the next night and have averaged nearly 7 hours a night since then. I’ve really felt a sense of relaxation allowing me to sleep well and this has given me so much more energy to get everything done. I would highly recommend Heart, Mind, Soul and look forward to another session soon.”
- Chrystal Louisa Eliza 

“She is a beautiful person, I had an access bar session and it helped me to sleep better. Thank you so much."
- Johanna Toledo

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