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Transformational healing is truly a gift to you.

HealOneSelf Wellbeing Centre - Counselling & Intuitive Readings


There is a great deal more to life than feeling overpowered with your present stresses. Amid these unpleasant times your capacity to think about and see circumstances clearly is often clouded by a haze of confusion.

This is the reason a session with Maria is required to express every one of these emotions. In her presence you will feel safe; there is no compelling reason to hold back good, bad or ugly feelings and thoughts, knowing that every part of you deserves acknowledgement and attention. It is a judgement free zone!

In counselling you will figure out how to respect and cherish yourself. Communicating your emotions in ways you never thought conceivable.

Maria will tap into your feelings and emotions relating back to particular circumstances and events that are triggering this emotional trauma. You will be more mindful of life from a psychological and spiritual perspective.

Psychic Reading

Maria is a psychic medium who channels with spirits, angels and guides and shares her communication with you. She will provide you with information about your future, only if your spirits or angels and your loved ones give it to her.

She works with her heart. Maria is deeply grateful that she can let go of her ego and communicate with these spirits for your benefit.

A reading with Maria can help you to see your options regarding work, relationships, health and your life’s purpose.
She urges you to believe your instinct when settling on a choice for a reading.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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About HealOneSelf Wellbeing Centre Transformational Healing is truly a gift to you.
HealOneSelf Wellbeing Centre - Hypnotherapy Transformational Healing is truly a gift to you.

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