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Massage Therapies
Member since
May 2004

Engagement Psychology (previously Health Holistic)

Contact Name Lisa Johnson
Phone 0422370880
Address SANDGATE QLD 4017
Servicing Areas SANDGATE, Queensland
Lisa utilises her wealth of knowlegde and experience of both eastern and western medicine to offer you a holistic healthcare mode

Health Holistic @ Sandgate - Massage Therapies

Kinesiology - Holistic approach to healthcare, combining Chinese and Western Medicine to address physical, emotional and Nutritional imbalances.

Useful for: Addressing depression and lifestyle stresses, relationship troubles, releases muscle aches and pains, digestive complaints, behavioural and learning issues. Assisting you to regain and maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle both inside and out.

Remedial Massage - Easing the muscular and nervous system to give you a feeling of relaxation, vitality and wellness.

Useful for: Reducing muscular aches & pains throughout the body, headaches & tension.

Reflexology - Treat your feet to a deserved rest, stimulating & cleansing to your body.

Useful for: Unwinding those tight ankles and feet, supportive to the circulation, digestive and nervous system.

Health Workshops
Kinesiology Training - Touch for Health. For professional or personal use, explore the combined approach from some of the best healthcare modalities. Learn about nutrition, Chinese medicine, lymphatic system, emotional and nervous system.

Basic Massage - Enjoy a practical, fun workshop where you will learn and receive massage techniques, explore how to give the whole body a pampered, relaxed feeling.

Advanced Massage - Gain greater insight into the body and its systems. Discover the art of advance muscle release techniques that are easy and very effective to deliver.

Reflexology - Learn some of the traditional reflexology techniques, as well as some easier and more effective methods of releasing foot and ankle tension.

Deluxe Specialised Services
Pamper Night - We come to you, enjoy the company of your chosen friends and indulge in a night where itís all about you... receive and feel nurtured. You get to decide what we deliver, choose one or acombination of massage, meditation, yoga, facials kinesiology and reflexology.

Henís Party - The party is yours, get treated like a princess; spoil your loved ones, friends, and relatives

Bliss Day (Day Spa) - Treat your mind, body and spirit to some TLC at a lush tropical location. Be guided through a day where your feet will be put up to rest and your body will undergo a cleanse. Enjoy tasty foods, rejuvenated with yoga and receive a pampering session which incorporates massage. You will float away from the day feeling all relaxed and bliss-full.

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Qualification Details
  • Teacher of Therapuetic Massage, Kinesiology and Yoga.
  • Natural Medicine Practitioner - Kinesiology & Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Certificate 4 in kinesiology & Cetificate 4 in remedial massage,
  • Certificate 4 in Workpase Training & Assessment(teaching)
  • Professional Acrediated Teacher of Touch for Health(Kinesiology)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science - Honours with Counselling major
  • Provisional registration as a psychologist

  • I am currently completing a masters of organisational psychology with a passionate towards occupational health psychology, employee health, work/life balance, stress management, mindfulness and health promotional practice

Work Experience
  • Currently lecturing in Counselling and Psychology and Complementary Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health at Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • 3 years of working within the mental health field as a State based Health Promotion Officer



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