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Heart Space Hypnotherapy

Servicing area: Bulleen, Manningham, Doncaster, Templestowe, Balwyn North, Ivanhoe East, Heidelberg, Melbourne, VIC

Loss Hypnotherapist Physical health ...
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Let Valento help you address your concerns. Together we can find your inner strength that will lead you to your path. If you have the will, we will find the way, and build strength and resilience. The real you is waiting, learn to understand and overcome your road blocks and live a life of harmony and inner peace

About..Heart Space Hypnotherapy

  • Releasing and managing stress, anxiety, panic or depression
  • Learning how to relax
  • Managing pain
  • Giving up smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, nail biting, teeth grinding
  • Achieving desired weight changes
  • Sleep issues
  • Self-esteem and / or self-confidence
  • Altering patterns of behaviour that no longer work for you
  • Improving Memory & Concentration
  • Exam preparation
  • Managing emotions
  • Times of grief and loss
  • Overcoming trauma, fears and phobias
  • Motivation

About Valento Di Felice

Valento has been working in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Mental health, and as a Lifeline telephone counsellor for more than a decade. During this time he has also mentored,taught,and supervised clients and students.

Valento has worked in mental health care, youth recovery, anger management, motivation, conflict resolution and couples counselling, as well as having treated small children with self esteem issues. He has helped many clients in their recovery from mental illness and addictions and is committed to enabling his clients to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Valento's approach to his work is holistic - he supports his clients as they become empowered and draw on their innate resources to achieve their desired outcomes.

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed and would like to give Clinical Hypnotherapy a try, call Valento at Only The Moon today! Alternatively, click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button and Valento will get back to you.

Qualification details

  • Dip CHC.
  • Dip Hypnotherapy
  • Cert lV Hypnotherapy
  • Cert lV Counselling
  • Cert lV TAA, Reiki
  • Sleep Talk Consultant
  • Member of the AHA

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Heart Space Hypnotherapy

Sometime we need help, there can be a better way, what would you like to change? Learn to understand and heal, you can create a life that reflects the inner you, with some direction discover your strengthens..

Meditation & Spirituality

Meditation and Spirituality are ways of aligning with your true calling, spirit guides and higher self. Call Valento at Heart Space Hypnotherapy to discuss joining a meditation group with other like-minded people.

Weight Loss and Quitting Smoking

Do you struggle with your weight? Want to give up smoking but can't seem to kick the habit? Valento Di Felice at Heart Space Hypnotherapy is a professional, qualified Hypnotherapist who can help you reach your goals - and stick to them.

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Heart Space Hypnotherapy