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Helena Letteri - Balanced Bodies Health Centre - Dural

Helena Letteri

566 Old Northern Rd
Dural NSW 2158

Servicing area: Dural and The Hills District

Helena Letteri - Balanced Bodies Health Centre - Dural

Helena is a Registered Osteopath who welcomes the treatment of newborns through to adults. All enquiries are welcome.

Helena Letteri - Balanced Bodies Health Centre


Welcome to Balanced Bodies Health Centre


Helena welcomes you to Balanced Bodies Health Centre.


About Helena


Helena is a Registered Osteopath who welcomes the treatment of newborns through to adults. All enquiries are welcome.

Helena enjoys treating a wide range of complaints from the common neck and back pain through to the more complex presentations such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain.

She has a keen interest in women’s health issues such as period pain, difficulty with conception, complications arising from post-surgical scarring, and more. Helena uses a very gentle approach to treatment and will always involve the patient when making decisions about their own body. Helena is a compassionate and caring practitioner who is always approachable and open to discussion. She ensures safety, comfort, and always works to the highest standard. She has also completed further studies in Dry Needling Plus which can be incorporated into your treatment upon further discussion.

Helena is also a certified practitioner for Posture Control Insoles. Please click on the following link for more information:

Helena is also a Registered Nurse with 13 years experience in a range of medical settings such as diagnostic and interventional imaging, maternity, medical/surgical nursing, rehabilitation, as well as experience as a medical practice nurse. She has found this nursing experience to have a profound impact in her work as an osteopath in relation to patients who present with acute medical conditions. Having trained and continuing to work at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, Helena has developed a network of medical professionals whom she can call on should her osteopathic patients require referral or further investigation by a specialist.

Helena is pleased to be able to accept EPCs at the clinic, please contact the clinic for further details.

Helena is also fluent in Auslan and welcomes any member of the deaf community who may be seeking treatment.


Adrian Kmita


"Adrian has been in clinical practice for over 10 years, developing a very holistic approach to pain management and wellbeing through Osteopathy. During treatment he focuses on working with the whole body and not just the affected area, with the intention of finding the cause, which assists in obtaining longer term results. 

His specialties include treating shoulders, elbows and knees, as well as back pain and neck aches through postural alignment. He also has a lot of experience with treating headaches through manual therapy and exercise prescription.

Some of his favourite techniques include Muscle Energy Technique (MET) which is a form of inter-segmental mobilisation using muscle contraction, similar to PNF which is commonly used by Physiotherapists. This is in addition to a range of joint mobilisation and soft tissue techniques, including massage and myofascial release. His treatments also utilise counter strain and cranial techniques for those who require or prefer a more indirect approach.

Adrian also has experience with treating younger people and children of all ages, incorporating a preventive approach to pain management. He also incorporates correct breathing education into his treatment when needed, which not only assists with stress relief but core stability as well.

Adrian also has a keen interest in emotional health and how it affects the body, which he tries to address and incorporate into his treatment where required."


Alison Muser


Alison launched Hills Insync Counselling in 2017 motivated by a desire to provide quality counselling for individuals and couples. Hills Insync Counselling offers a safe and confidential therapeutic space where clients who are distressed or are seeking to achieve more satisfying relationships can activate life changes through awareness and acceptance. Alison has completed a Masters Degree in Counselling and draws from personal life experience and formal training in several modalities including Developmental Trauma and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Alison Muser MCouns, GM CCAA For For appointments please call: 0410 540 385


Bernard Brown


Bernard Brown is an individual, couple, family and trauma therapist. For appointments please call 0422 968 183.


*HICAPS available at the clinic*

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