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At Hudson Barry Pilates, we truly care about your results. We've helped thousands of clients over the last 16 years feel stronger, leaner & younger!  Whether you're trying to recover from an injury or back pain or you simply want to be stronger & more energised as you age, then we are your team! We've helped many elite athletes recover from injury while improving their muscle recruitment patterns & their overall performance!  We've also helped hundreds of women prepare for & recover from childbirth creating a body that is even BETTER than pre-baby...  ***** So if you want change & you're ready dedicate some REAL TIME for yourself...then we can help you!  We LOVE Pilates & it's ability to CHANGE lives dramatically. We're ready to help you LOVE your BODY & to feel empowered with the strength & connected calmness that Hudson Barry Pilates delivers.

Hudson Barry - Pilates Studios

Servicing area

servicing Surry Hills, Redfern, Moorebank, Picnic Point area

Focus areas

Vision Wellbeing Postnatal support Biomechanics Wellness Habits

About the Pilates Studio

The staff at Hudson Barry Pilates studio are committed to the pursuit of wellness. We use the Pilates method as our primary tool to achieve this outcome. Pilates is more than just an exercise system, it’s an attitude and a brilliant approach to finding balance in everyday life.

When you experience Pilates under the guidance of professional, qualified instructors, the method is able to transform both mind and body, creating a new and improved you. You will immediately notice improvements in core strength, and over time, postural alignment, improved energy, fat loss, leaner thighs and waist, pain reduction and your new-found feeling of physical and mental well-being.

You too can experience these remarkable changes in our fully equipped studios, (Moorebank or Surry Hills (the redfern end), which were specifically designed to bring our clients serene and beautiful spaces in which to workout.

If you'd like to change for the better, call us, we have the answers you seek.

Your mind is the master of your body - talk to any successful athlete and they'll tell you this. If you know how to harness the ability to control your mind and remain focused, you will be able to direct your thoughts, breath and actions, mastering your body and it's movement - this transposes into your daily life. This powerful tool is Pilates. Self Mastery is a big part of our mission. We are seeking clients that truly wish to transform, not just join in the latest fad.

Pilates involves a series of beautifully executed movements based on a strict set of principles designed to achieve balance, power, tone, strength and resilience. It’s a simple (but powerful) and beautiful thing to do and watch (when executed with precision & flow) because it is the human body in perfect harmony and balance.

The Pilates instructors at Hudson Barry's goal is to unlock these qualities in those who desire them. Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, mum or elite athlete, we're able to help you become better at it and move through your everyday life with more grace, ease and an improved sense of well-being. We believe in a holistic, natural, logical order of how things should be done and that this order is guided by the nature of balance, synergy and human biomechanics - in short it works. We get wonderful results and we get them faster than is usually expected. We've had many third party practitioners {eg surgeons, osteopaths, physios & chiropractors} amazed at the changes we achieve with our mutual clients.

Nature has granted us the body and the natural foods to fuel it. This is a perfect system. Sometimes we lose our way, and find ourselves moving in ways that serve to challenge our natural biomechanics or become immobilised. When we add bad eating habits to the mix, our strength and energy dissipates - the beginning of the downward spiral into obesity, pain and emotional dysfunction. The good news is that this situation can be changed.

Hudson Barry's founder and Principal trainer, Melissa Barry is an expert in the health and wellbeing industry and has over 20 years experience in the field. If you choose to join Hudson Barry on a journey of transformation, you will have the opportunity to participate in nutritional education seminars and workshops, experience massage and discover homoeopathic strategies to improve your healing and recovery from injury and other conditions. Hudson Barry will help you return to a state of balance, eliminate pain, boost your metabolism to burn fat and allow you to shine from within.

Why choose Our studio?

    • The quality of our instruction is never compromised. We get RESULTS that change our clients lives. That's what they tell us!


    • We have 2 beautiful, fully equipped studios. Sydney & South West Sydney areas. Offering both the contemporary and classical method.


    • Our traditional studio sessions are offered for precision and individual correction in the traditional manner and private training is available.


    • Intro group classes* are available for those without injury or issues who are unable to commence with private training.(*start with a friend and save)


    • Economical group classes are scheduled for those who are then able to work at a progressive level.


We cater to Mum's with our unique WUNDAMUM program offering both pre & post-natal specific programming (new babies are welcome


We have something for everyone!

    • Group Studio Sessions programs using Pilates apparatus


    • Matwork Classes


    • Private sessions (compulsory for rehab issues & before entering classes).


    • Group Reformer / Chair / Tower Classes 


    • Pre & post natal specialist


    • Sessions cater to Mums / Men / Teenagers (posture & athletes) / post surgery rehab (back, knee, hip, mastectomy, shoulder etc) with brilliant results.


    • Power Plate sessions for fat loss (Moorebank only)


    • Corporate and school packages


    • Mentoring & supervision for students undergoing full instructor certification or for New Teachers wanting to develop mastery.


    • Advanced work for continued education for Pilates Instructors


    • Affiliation with quality educational program APEI 

      We offer specialised services for professional athletes:
        • Consultations for nutrition & recovery strategies.

        • Conditioning and injury management/recovery pilates programs for athletes

        • Performance enhancement Pilates training

        • Massage & Homeopathic treatments for musculoskeletal injury, to rapidly enhance recovery.

      Visit our website to check class schedules

      If you have questions about how team Hudson Barry can help you return to your natural state of health and wellbeing, call or visit Hudson Barry website for more information.


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