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Feldenkrais Awareness

Holly Huon

4 Walker St
Clifton Hill VIC 3068

Servicing area: Clifton Hill, Victoria

Feldenkrais Awareness

Feldenkrais Awareness

About Me

I have a long-standing, thriving Feldenkrais practice working with individuals, groups and communities. I love the intelligence behind Feldenkrais work and how it continues to be so relevant to contemporary life, particularly as it is essentially the embodiment of neuroplasticity. I consider it an exquisite tool for lifelong learning, enabling people to adapt, change and become more vital through their life.

Practice Details

Studio at 4 Walker St, Clifton Hill, 3068
Regular retreats, workshops and collaborations with other practices and communities

What's the process

At the initial session, I will be listening to your story, observing your body organisation and asking myself "What in your body is enhancing or limiting you?". Together we can explore and decide on what's next . The first session will also include a hands-on experience and direction of practice to follow at home. Your curiosity and personal engagement is what really assist you to create and sustain the changes you wish to make.

Continuing work will include a learning plan consisting of regular individual sessions (Functional Integration), study group and Awareness Through Movement classes. In case of complex or long standing conditions, it is recommended to have at least 4-6 individual sessions reasonably close together.

At this time, I always like to check that in the case of recovery from trauma or injury, you have been and feel adequately informed, cared for or are receiving appropriate support .

Who can benefit:

My practice covers a wide range of ages (from children to seniors) and a broad range of conditions and personal circumstances from back pain, joint stiffness and improvement of mobility, flexibility and reduction of pain to performance enhancement of professional athletes, dancers, musicians and actors.

Benefits can mean you walk better, sit better, reach better, sleep better and can include a range of improvements such as regained curiosity, increased vitality, quickness of thinking, enhancement and shifts in one's self image, changes in breathing, posture, flexibility, range of motion and reduction of pain. On a deeper level, you may feel a profound expanded consciousness and release from outdated habits. A new you!

It can complement your spiritual, movement and mindfulness practices such as meditation, Pilates, Yoga... Feldenkrais can also help if you are a performer and /or have an artistic practice such as dance, movement, writing and are feeling restricted, stuck or overwhelmed or you simply want to expand your consciousness or your heart practices.

If you are seeking to understand the impacts of early trauma (accidents, injuries, poor attachment) for example anxiety and body disconnect and how they are interfering with your normal development and emotional freedom, the Feldenkrais work can be of enormous value to you


  • Initial consultation (75-90mins) - $135-150
  • Individual session (60mins) - $120
  • Individual session (90mins) $150
  • Awareness Through Movement group classes: $25 (Concession $20) *Concessions available on request.
  • Group sessions negotiated


Awareness Through Movement (ATM) CLASSES
Spring series: Walking and Balance with Ease 
Soften your feet, soften your limbs, strengthen your core. Increase your awareness and sensitivity to just how HABITS take over and openness can be cultivated in your everyday moments. In recognising patterns of tension in mind, body and sometime neglected areas such as our feet, we can really refresh our orientation to walking.   
Dates: Wednesday 30th Oct, 6th, 13th, 20th Nov    Time: 6pm to 7pm
             Thursday    31st Oct, 7th, 14th, 21st Nov    Time 10am to 11am
Summer series: Calmness, Conciseness, Connectedness
Simple ATMs to aid your serenity and equanimity to learn how to apply them as you transition through the years end to a fresh start for 2020. This ATM's will be about lessening the effort of your face, jaw, breath and general body tensions.
Dates: Wednesday 4th and 11th Dec    Time: 6pm to 7pm
                Thursday   5th and 12th Dec    Time 10am to 11am
For all bookings and enquiries contact Holly. Each class will be an ATM lesson. Preference is given to those who can come to the whole of each series but if not, you can come casually if places are available. Maximum 8 people. As usual wear something comfortable. 
Cost: You can pay individually for each lesson or four lessons. $25 for 1 class (conc. $20) $90 for the 4 classes (conc. $75).
Please do book early for these classes to secure your place.
Saturday Intensive Workshop 
Walking and Balance: Cultivating the Spring and the Spiral
An opportunity to experience ATM's to further refresh your sensitivity to your body in walking and balance and realise how you can open your perspectives i.e. senses to the world in a new and exciting way. 
This workshop will be a day of Feldenkrais ATM sequences to be done at your own pace in your own way. 
This is a follow up (but stand alone) workshop to Spring series: Walking and Balance with Ease . Similar theme but new material and ATM lessons.
Date: Saturday Nov 23rd 11am to 4pm (opportunity for shared thoughts and if you can bring a modest offering for a light lunch)
Cost: $75 (conc. $65)
Max 6 people. Bookings required
Location: 4 Walker St, Clifton Hill
Feldenkrais at the Abbotsford Convent
Walking and Balance: Cultivating Joy and Ease
Greater awareness and pleasure in walking and balance is expanded as we increase our sensitivity to our mind-body.
The brilliance of Moshe Feldenkrais was that he showed us how we can identify stiffness in joints and actions, in fact, thoughts and emotions and how to increase our sensitivity by very simple means. He showed us that the tyranny of the body is not just stiff or damaged joints but habits that continually have us in repetitive styles and rhythms, impacting on our love of movement. Feldenkrais was one of the earliest discoverers of neuroplasticity and its application to the body. He understood how we could engage our brains further to grow ourselves in the direction we want discovering a freedom we previously didn't think possible. 
This workshop will be simple ATM lessons, times for reflection and an opportunity to learn how to take these principles and lessons home so you can draw them into the routines of your everyday life. 
Date: Saturday 7th December 1-4pm (afternoon tea provided)
Cost: $75 (conc. $65) -  Bookings required
Location: Open Heart Studio - Wellbeing Centre - Abbotsford Convent
More information to come but there will be two afternoon workshops on Thursday 2nd and 9th January at Point Lonsdale. This is a beautiful setting and ideal for mind-body practices.
Please let me know via email or text (0428 595 109) as early as you can if you'd like to join one of these events as I intentionally keep numbers low. I will confirm your place as soon as a I can and will let you know payment details for transfer. 
The workshops are suitable for newcomers with some mindfulness experience as well as more experienced Feldenkrais students. 

Holly's Philosophy and Values:

I believe in empathy, being present-centred, establishing a transparent relationship and supporting you through the learning process. I have a gift in seeing the potential possibilities in people. I retain my passion for a person's ability to generate choice and change for themselves no matter how complex and difficult their situation is.

Recent advancements in brain mapping have shown the brain is malleable or plastic, called neuroplasticity, and can change itself and adapt, whatever the condition, age or stage in life. Often a person becomes convinced that change is not possible, particularly when there is a very strong diagnostic label and the condition may be long-standing and even in the case of ageing. Neuroplasticity and Feldenkrais concepts have shown that this is not true, as we discover neurons can reprogram themselves and new brain paths and maps are created daily. The implications of this can lead people to unforeseen and sometimes rapid improvement, hope and greater autonomy.

My practice's core beliefs are to meet someone where they are, make contemporary concepts clear and offer the work in a gentle systematic manner that leads people to engage with the essential elements of the Feldenkrais Methodology and practice.

Qualification Details

  • Certified Feldenkrais practitioner, completing the First Feldenkrais 
    training in Melbourne. 
  • Registered physiotherapist 
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) 
  • Other somatic practices and studies: Insight meditation, Hakomi process, trauma recovery, authentic dance and creative arts.


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