International Association of Infant Massage Australia Inc

PAll IAIM infant massage instructors, throughout the world, receive a comprehensive programme of practical and theoretical training. IAIM Certified Instructors of Infant Massage (CIMIs) share the belief that every baby deserves respect, tenderness, warmth and a listening heart. Infant massage is a communication process that parents and babies share which promotes these values.

International Association of Infant Massage Australia Inc

Servicing area

Australia-Wide, New South Wales

Focus areas

Mental health Adoption Rehabilitation Purpose Joy Nurturing

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

About Us

IAIM is the largest and most experienced infant massage organization in the world with a presence in more than 50 countries. Founder Vimala McClure’s work, dating back to the 1970s, is supported by current scientific and medical evidence.

Our program is being spread with love and joy throughout the world community by thousands of IAIM certified instructors who have received exclusive education through our exceptional and qualified trainers.

Vimala McClure continues to support the work of our organization, and ours is the only association she has authorized to teach the full and comprehensive program she developed.

Our work is much more than teaching massage strokes. It includes honoring connections between human beings from the very beginning of life and the unique communication a mother or father has with their baby.

In recent years, there has been an increase in medical and psychological research on our capacity to feel connected to each other. The bond babies have with their parents creates confidence, compassion, trust, enthusiasm, a sense of belonging and even mental health for the rest the baby’s life.

The benefits of infant massage truly make a difference in the lives of babies, families and even communities.

CIMIs work anywhere there are parents and babies.
Besides teaching in homes, CIMIs work in places like:
  • neonatal intensive care units
  • disability services
  • drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • young parent services
  • mental health and psychiatric services
  • hospices
  • disaster zones
  • orphanages
  • developing countries
  • child protective services
  • adoption services
  • correctional facilities
As you can see, you can find us almost anywhere.


Our association oversees both the training of new IAIM Trainers and the certification of IAIM Infant Massage Instructors.

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