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Take a step back from your busy everyday routine and relax with a Swedish massage. Smooth, gentle and flowing movements are directed back to the heart to enhance the deep relaxation experience and to leave the mind and body feeling rejuvenated.

IC Sports Therapies - Swedish Massage

Some of the benefits of a Swedish Relaxation Massage

  • Relieves muscular tension

  • Promotes peace of mind and relaxation

  • Enhances circulation, improves flexibility and joint range of movement

  • May improve quality of sleep


Effleurage – derived from the French word effleurer which translates to “gentle pressure”. It consists of continuous and smooth flowing gliding strokes to warm up the muscle tissue and enhance the relaxation experience.

Petrissage – from the word “petrir” meaning to knead.

Friction – Cross and circular fibre fiction movements help to increase blood flow and tissue mobility.

Tapotement – repeated rhythmical percussion movements to the superficial tissue. The brisk movements stimulate the nerve endings which lead to small muscular contractions, bringing about increase in muscle tone.

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Qualification details

B.A. (Human Movement)
Dip Ed UTS
Cert IV Massage Practice
Member Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)

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About IC Sports Therapies

Our clients are the most integral people in our corporate structure, thus we strive to offer the most professional care, treatment and information. Our treatment within the clinic is at all times collaborative and we expect our patients to provide full disclosure of any issues impacting on their treatment.

IC Sports Therapies - Physiotherapy

Jason's passion for sport, in particular soccer and cricket, led him to becoming a Physiotherapist to help others recover and get back into their sport as soon as possible. He knows the frustration that injuries can cause and the desire people have to be back out there playing.

IC Sports Therapies - Remedial & Sports Massage

Nicki is a qualified practitioner with over 20 years experience who uses remedial, sports and lymphatic drainage massage to assist people to recover more quickly than is usually expected.

IC Sports Therapies - Chiropractic

IC Sports Therapies has a vacancy for a Chiropractic Practitioner. If you are interested, please contact us.

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