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International Holistic Center Of Natural Medicine

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Are you tired of living with pain and sick of taking pain killers? Fast, Effective Pain Relief with Biomesotherapy and Acupuncture. Homotoxicology is a sophisticated form of homoeopathy and is the most prescribed form of natural medicine in Germany, where it has been used for over 50 years and is practised by conventional doctors and natural therapists alike. In fact, 80% of orthodox doctors in Germany prescribe homoeopathic preparations for their patients. The efficacy and safety of homotoxicology is supported by close to 100 clinical trials. Homotoxicology provides health professionals with medicines that complement orthodox treatments and provide the patient with a better health outcome than they can achieve through orthodox medicines alone. Homotoxicology represents a unique intellectual synthesis of healing disciplines, seeking to strengthen the organs of excretion (liver, kidney, lymphatics), to remove the toxins accumulated in the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) (excretion), to stimulate and modulate the immune system, and to regulate the whole by rebalancing the ‘diseased’ body system, and to regulate the whole by rebalancing the ‘diseased’ body system.

International Holistic Center Of Natural Medicine

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Aspley, Queensland

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Joy Anxiety Sciatica Stress Management Love Pain relief

Biomesotherapy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Bio Regulatory Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition

Bio-Regulatory Medicine

Biological Medicine is the art and science of healing where the therapeutic measures are orientated to life stresses (toxins); and are designed for the capability of the individual patient to regulate,regenerate, adapt and self-heal.

Such invokes an integrated approach holistically, seeking to re-establish total homeostasis and immune system stimulation and modulation; and incorporating energy dynamics and regulatory cybernetic bio-flow systems, by working in harmony with the human body’s natural self-healing ability and regeneration, adaption, vitality and re-birth capabilities within the organism.

Biomesotherapy is a relatively new therapy in Australia but it is great for alleviating many types of pain. If you are having trouble finding relief from conventional medicine, why not find out how biomesotherapy works? You may find that it is perfect for you! Many clients will find relief from their pain merely minutes after their first session, however it may take up to half an hour to work. Depending on the severity of the condition, up to four sessions may be needed over a period of a few weeks to ensure that the healing process is ongoing.

Live blood analysis is a test that can give you a very accurate state of health, and allow you to find out about disease in your body, allowing you to implement steps to reverse it before it starts to cause you problems.


Fast, Effective Pain Relief with Biomesotherapy and Acupuncture

Muscular and skeletal conditions:
  • Lover back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder tension and injuries
  • Arthritic conditions including - knees, hands and fingers
  • Tennis and golfer's elbow Sprain and strains


I have known Thomas Staudacher for several months and have been seeing him weekly for most of that time. My main problems are diabetes, blood pressure, balance (falling over etc.), multiple injuries from a MVA, neuropathy, and kidney transplant. Thomas has worked constantly to find different remedies (including sending away overseas) to help my conditions. I am overjoyed to report they have all worked. My balance has improved and I rarely depend on my stick, my legs which were dark brown, swollen and painful are now a healthier colour and circulations better and not much pain. Sugar levels and blood pressure have both been lowered. Thomas uses acupuncture, per machine herbs and vitamins. I am much fitter and have started walking again. Thomas your love and dedication to making your patients lives so much healthier and happier is a credit to you. Thank you so much for your time and commitment.

22/09/2010 J.B. Carseldine QLD


I thank Thomas very much for his patients, knowledge and understanding of my troubles in helping me to be more calmer and pain free within a short period of time. I had sever back, shoulder and neck pain for years after seeing Thomas for two months in this period my problems are nearly resolved now and I feel pain free the first time after years. Thank you very much for your professional approach and the knowledge you gave me also thank you for your patients. I am happy to recommend you to all my friends.

R.W. North Maleny 24/03/2011


My son was suffering from debilitating migranes for no apparent reason and within 2 visits to Thomas Staudacher they were gone. After watching his recovery I decided to visit Thomas myself. I have suffered from fybromyalgia like symptoms for the past 25 years. I have tried numerous natural therapies which all helped in small ways but never took away my pain to a manageable level.

Thomas has worked with me over the last few months with acupuncture, diet and supplements. I have now been pain free for the past few weeks and have learnt a great deal about why my body has had so much pain. The key to my staying well is now with myself and my diet and exercise, and occasional visits to Thomas for acupuncture and minimal supplements.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas to anyone with health issues. He has a very broad knowledge of the human body, how it works, and how to achieve and maintain health.

W.E Burpengary 05/05/2011

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