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We aim to restore the balance in your life through our personal and very unique healing sessions.

Illuminate Within - Healing Therapies

Focus areas

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Our Healing Therapies

Using universal life energy a reiki practitioner can help you feel more empowered and take the steps toward healing yourself. In today's age we are barraged with stresses and tensions, negative thought patterns and electrical fields from all these gadgets that surround our life. These can cause unbalance in our life and are expressed as malfunctions or diseases in our mental, emotional and physical bodies.

In addition to our relaxing and renewing reiki healing sessions we also offer Seichim healing and Magnified Healing. Seichim healing is a non-invasive method of hands on healing with origins stemming back to Ancient Egypt. The life energy will flow through your body allowing you to subtly heal yourself by directing the flow from your spiritual body towards your physical body. This is especially powerful at releasing longheld blockages and can have you feeling more revitalized and brighter than before.

Magnified healing is a hands on healing method that is linked to the divine feminine energies of Ascended Master Quan Yin, Eastern Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. A magnified healing functions from the healers heart chakra through their hands and into your body via a series of treatments. It allows you to be connected between the creator and mother earth as it flows allowing you to feel an at-one-ness within yourself again and to assist you on your spiritual path towards ascension.

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Consultation Fees

1 hour - $90
1.5 hours - $130

student prices available

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