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PEMF Sales & Rentals

PEMF Sales & Rentals

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Utilising Earth Based Magnetic Field Frequencies

PEMF Benefits

Focus areas

Brain cancer Stress management Anxiety Wellness Rapid pain relief Health issues

PEMF was discovered mainstream in the 1960s when the NASA space flight program discovered their astronauts become sick and depressed on their space flights. NASA reseached why and found we all need to be in the earth's magnetic pulse to stay well.

Since then there are thousounds of studies to prove PEMF to be effective. The FDA (Food and Drug Authority) has approved PEMF for bone healing, cervical fusion, depression, muscle stimulation, incontinence and brain cancer.

PEMF stimulates circulation, mirco circulation, increases bone density. NASA in their 4 year study found Pulsed Electormagnetic Fields increased stem cells in the body.

Our PEMF machine is easy to operate.  Lay on the body mat twice a day for 8 minutes and use the pillow pad applicators on the areas of pain.



Energy Healing
$50 Per hour

PEMF Sales, Rentals and Treatments.

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