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Looking for a professional Psychology or Counselling session and you live in the greater Mount Gravatt area? Then we here at Indigo Health for Mind & Body are the ones to call. Adult, couple, and child assessments and treatments are available.

Indigo Health for Mind & Body - Psychology

  • Dr Patricia O’Rourke
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Psychology Services On Offer
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Child / Developmental sessions
  • Educational Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology

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What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology integrates science, theory and practice and is perfect to help individuals understand and alleviate personal and professional issues they are struggling with. Relieving distress, promoting greater mental health and helping with personal development issues can also be addressed during a Psychology session.

Who Can Benefit From a Session?

As clinical Psychology focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioural aspects of human functioning across the life span, it is suitable for people of all ages, including the Elderly and Children.

What To Expect During a Session?

An assessment in Clinical Psychology involves determining the nature, causes, and potential effects of:
1) personal distress,
2) of personal, social, and work dysfunctions and
3) the psychological factors associated with physical, behavioural, emotional, nervous, and mental disorders.

Examples of assessment procedures that can be used during a session includes interviews, behavioural assessments, and the administration and interpretation of tests of current mood and functioning, personal characteristics, intellectual abilities, aptitudes, and other aspects of human experience and behaviour.

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Child / Developmental Services

Educational Psychology:
Educational psychology draws on and combines various psychological theories and principles, in order to improve an individuals ability to learn. Educational psychologists study the process of learning not only among the general population but also among sub-groups such as gifted children and those with various learning disabilities.

These sessions are perfect for children who need extra help to stay focused in school or for parents who are looking for strategies to help their child excel within the educational system. Still want to know more? Then just click here.

Developmental Psychology:
Developmental psychology is the study of human growth and development, which occurs throughout the individuals entire lifespan. This includes not only physical development, but also cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality and emotional growth.

The specific tasks performed by developmental psychologists may vary somewhat, based on the speciality area in which they work. As a result some developmental psychologists focus on working with a specific population, such as developmentally delayed children, while others specialise in studying a particular age range such as adolescence. Click here to find out more.

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