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Ineke Wagemakers

Energy Healing Coach, Inner Child Specialist & Vibrational Essences

Nerang 30 Country View Drv Nerang QLD 4211

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"The most important resource in your life is YOUR energy Change your energy - Change your life"

Energy Healing Coach, Inner Child Specialist & Vibrational Essences - Energy Healing

Servicing area

All of the Gold Coast

Focus areas

Energy work Addiction Inner power Loneliness Love Stress Management

Regeneration Healing

Is based on the ground breaking work of Russian spiritual scientists during the 1990 s, they discovered a way to communicate with our DNA Matrix; they called it THE NEW KNOWLEDGE

Now we call it Regeneration Healing

It is offered as a one on one healing session or as a distant healing .

In a One day workshop you can learn how to do this yourself. You do not need any qualifications or psychic abilities as such. Just a willingness to learn.

This workshop is suitable for healers or people who want to learn how to heal themselves and others.

Regenerations Healing does not have a big label, No-one owns it. It is our birthright to know how to self heal.

You are entitled to know about regeneration healing just be open to learning about it, maybe you even want to teach it to others so that in time everyone in this world will have the potential to self heal .

We like to share with as many people as possible. It is affordable for everyone.

We use healing intentions. Our process of time traveling to remove the trigger for the cause of the illness enables healing to take place .

If the cause is gone you no longer need to have the effect

It is simple and easy everyone can learn this. Bring yourself and your life into harmony, balance & alignment.

Improve your health. Alleviate symptoms, ailments, degeneration & disease in the body; for the most benevolent outcomes for yourself & others, animals and Sentient Beings.

Personal Divine Energy Sessions

Due to our life experiences we all carry negative belief systems and behavioral patterns causing emotional imprints. Most physical illnesses start with unresolved emotions. Unresolved emotional issues cause a lack of divine energy, we are out of balance. By clearing these unresolved emotional issues out of your system energy levels rise and health improves, energy transformation takes place on all levels of your BE-ING. By changing your energy you change your life and the world around you.
  • A Divine Energy session is beneficial when you
  • Are feeling tired, angry, fearful, stressed or depressed
  • Having trouble relaxing body and mind
  • Are repeating the same mistakes over and over again
  • Carry any form of abuse be it physical, mental or emotional
  • Suffer from illness or carry any pain in your body
  • Had anaesthesia / surgery in the last year

Medicine For The Soul

Clear Aura Spray 125 ml

Sacred Plant Remedy Spray 25ml

These highly vibrational Divinely Guided products are specially created to guide and help you to stay focused and be your highest light at all times.

Your True Essence - Clear Aura Spray

Clear Aura Spray helps to protect you from deflecting negative energies of all kind it harmonizes stress environments. Great for kids before going to school

Your True Essence - Sacred Plant Remedy Heart Spray

This remedy guides heart and soul connection.
It has the love vibration.
it carries you home.

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