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Inner Balance Kinesiology

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Inner Balance Kinesiology

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Balcatta, Western Australia

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Essential oils Love Physical health Stress management Well-being Guilt

I help women who are partners or family of alcoholics (even if they are now recovered). These women feel powerless, unimportant, not good enough, resentful or angry. I help them to create inner peace by letting go of control, loving and accepting themselves and regaining power by focusing inwards, not outwards. This gives them self confidence and high self esteem.

A little bit about me....

Hi, I have been a Kinesiologist now for over 11 years. I'm originally from Jersey, in the Channel Islands, UK. It is a tax haven and always had cheap alcohol, perfume and cigarettes.

Because alcohol was so cheap and readily available there, there used to be a lot of drinking and partying which lead to alot of people having alcohol and drug issues. I grew up with a heavily drinking (step) dad and I thought it was the "norm" for him to go to the pub every night, even when we were broke. He was very dominating and shouted ALOT. I grew up with a lot of fear and always seemed to be in trouble for the slightest little things. I was constantly getting grounded or getting "ten of the best". My dad kicked me out of home when I was 17. We made our peace when I was 18 and became very close. Sadly, he eventually got cancer and died at the very young age of 47, leaving behind his wife and 3 boys aged 13, 15, 18 and me, aged 29.

By the age of 18 I had already been binge drinking, aswell as taking drugs and smoking and doing whatever i could to prove to the world that no one could control me! I was my own boss! I left Jersey to backpack around Asia and had a great old time, finally doing what I wanted!

It was awesome for a good 10 years or so. I settled down, moved to Oz, had kids, and studied Kinesiology. Through doing alot of personal development work and studying I realised I was holding onto alot of anger and resentment.

4 years ago I realised I was in a dead marriage and so we separated after trying really hard for 13years to make it work. I dated a couple of guys and realised that I was STILL attracting in alcoholics! How to break this pattern?

How can you change?

I have learnt (and am still learning!) that the key to changing old destructive patterns is to love and accept yourself, to know that you are enough already, to focus inwards and not outwards and to DO THE WORK!

This is where Kinesiology comes in!

Think about it: If a car never has a service, it may still LOOK ok on the outside but on the INSIDE there are all sorts of problems. Its the same with your body - it needs balancing in order to keep it functioning healthily. By getting balanced you are shifting old and "stuck" energy and changing life long patterns, constantly bettering yourself and resolving issues......

Why would you need Kinesiology?

We are constantly getting triggered or having little curve balls thrown at us almost on a daily basis, and these little stresses can tend to build up. Eventually, if you do not resolve these issues or clear this energy, it can begin to manifest into something physical.

Your body lets you know when your energy is out of balance by giving you physical signs like;

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Stress/ Irritability
    • Lack of Confidence
    • Insomnia
    • Behavioral Problems (kids)
    • Low Self Esteem
    • Fears 
    • Hormonal Problems
    • Fertility Problems
    • PMT
    • Post-natal Depression
    • Muscular Pain
    • TMJ Problems

      .....to mention but a few! 

What I've learnt is that family and partners of alcoholics all have one or more of the following issues;

    • Controlling
    • The need to be perfect
    • The need to be right
    • People pleasing
    • Avoid conflict
    • Cannot express themselves
    • Angry and resentful
    • Reactive
    • Caretakers - want to fix everyone
    • Feel powerless over their own life

When you grow up on high alert all the time, walking on eggshells so you dont get into trouble, constantly in fight or flight, waiting for the next time the alcoholic comes home, you have this need to be perfect, to constantly be right. Or you may have grown up just totally avoiding conflict and being the peacemaker and therefore have now become a people pleaser, not knowing how to put yourself first.

By letting go of the need to control someone else or a situation you can actually regain so much power over your life again. It is quite ironic, that to gain control you have to let it go! You can feel free because suddenly someone else is NOT your responsibility. Only you are your responsibility and that is so empowering!

So, what is Kinesiology?

The word (pronounced kin-easy-ology) literally translates as ‘study of energy’. Developed in the 1960’s by chiropractors in America, it blends Eastern and Western techniques. Kinesiology is now one of the world’s fastest growing natural therapies.

Your cells hold onto all your subconscious memories and so even if you cannot remember PAST stresses, anxieties, traumas and emotions, your subconscious can. This is why sometimes you may react to something but not know why. It can also be why you might be attracting the same energy that you had around you as a child, so you can heal it and also because it is familiar to you. Like attracting in an alcoholic partner after growing up with an alcoholic parent.

To stop attracting in the same types of partners and same patterns, the brain needs to be re-wired and Kinesiology helps to do this. It can create new pathways in your brain.

Kinesiology involves muscle testing to assess and correct imbalances of energy within your body’s different structures. This allows me to ‘talk’ to your sub-conscious and identify the source of stress and find out which correction your body needs. Correction techniques used are usually acupressure, sound with tuning forks, flower essences, essential oils, chakra healing, aura healing, emotional stress diffusion, reading affirmations, etc.

The whole procedure is a non-intrusive, drug-free, holistic approach to finding out where the root of the problem lies. A kinesiology balance usually lasts for about an hour but can take longer if necessary.

Because Kinesiology works with energy, it can also be done distantly. What this means for you is that you don't need to be physically present to have a balance! Pretty amazing! So if you live in another State or even country, you can still receive a balance. We can do this via FaceTime, Zoom or FB video. Read the testimonials below to see what Helen and Josephine said about their online kinesiology experience! (They are both living in UK)

So how can I get started?!

Please call or message me on 0417239520 or email me at ibkinesiology@yahoo.com if you have any questions or would like to get started on changing your life!

Your Investment:

Over 8 weeks we work intensively on looking at yourself and clearing the energy with Kinesiology methods so you can stop attracting in the same situations and types of people, raise your frequency so you attract in that same vibration and feel more at peace, regaining power over your life. 

Adults: $467 Package (must be paid upfront)

OR pyt plan - $120 p.fortnight

(comprising of 4 balances spread over 8 weeks)


Kids (under 16yrs): $257 Package (must be paid upfront)

OR pyt plan - $90 p.fortnight

(comprising of 3 balances spread over 6 weeks)


 What you will receive:

    • 4 (or 3 for kids) x 1 hour balances every fortnight
    • Focusing on letting go of control, anger, the need to be perfect or people pleasing
    • Increasing confidence in yourself
    • Boosting your self esteem
    • Learning how to regain power over your life
    • Learn new skills to manage your emotions
    • A greater feeling of well-being

One off balances are also available to see if its for you at an investment of $130 per balance

Gift Vouchers $130
To help that special person improve their life, give them a gift voucher so they can try out kinesiology - they will love you for it!

What did others think of my service?

"I’ve had an amazing experience with Katy from Inner Balance Kinesiology, she is the most loving, caring and kind person to work with and creates such a safe space for you to open up to and for her to work on you, she helped bring into my awareness things that were going on that I didn’t completely recognise as a problem that were causing me physical illnesses and pain, she helped me to shift that energy and the session I had with her has helped me with anxiety so so much, she used a range of tools to assess my energy, Katy was really easy to book with and was extremely welcoming when I went for my session. Katy is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and professional and I’m excited for our next session, I finally feel like I’m starting to heal and I feel supported by Katy on this journey. Love and light Katy thank you I’m truely grateful" - Abi

"Kineseology with Katy is the best investment you could ever make in your physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing. I see it as money in the bank for your health. Katy is an excellent practitioner and through her passion and dedication she is a great catalyst for healing on every level. I have had regular sessions with Katy for 2 years now and always look forward to the next session with her on the journey of insight, discovery, understanding, growing, learnining and above all healing. Thanks and gratitude to you always from the bottom of my heart." - Carole

"Katy has been an amazing help with so many different areas in my life. An important part of my health routine is visiting Katy regularly. Thankyou so much Kat" - Angie

"I cannot find the words to explain my journey with Katy. I have been truly blessed meeting Katy at this time of my life. My heart is open and I am feeling 100% better. People be open & trust, we all need to work on ourselves. Make that appointment �� thank you Katy" - Jvana

"I cant thank Katy enough for helping me and my family with Kinesiology! She has an amazing healing ability and is very patient, loving and you can just tell she has a true respect and absolute passion for what she does!" - Amber

"You have helped me to heal my skin condition on a physical level, Release anger, guilt and helped me to grieve the loss of my baby on an emotional level and helped me to truly trust myself and re connect with my own intuition on a deep spiritual level! My physical health, and my state of mind, will never be the same again! Thank you Katy!!" - Anon.

"I was extremely happy with the balances and I felt immediate improvement after my first treatment and continued to reap the benefits after each treatment. Your service is fantastic and has helped me greatly. Thank you for the balances I have had with you to date. They have helped me understand problems in my personal life and deal with situations in a more compassionate manner and helped me greatly with my self healing. I have learnt so much about myself in the process. Best wishes" - Shirley

"I was really impressed with my online kinesiology session with Katy in which I addressed some long standing issues in my life that I felt needed rebalancing. Katy was very capable of holding a safe space for me to share my feelings while demonstrating great knowledge and understanding of her work. I was fascinated how Katy was able to pick up on information about me that was personal and in this process able to create a method to address and work with eh issues in hand. I felt a definite shift of energy after the treatment that has led me to greater reflection and some release. I would recommend Katy in her work, to release blocks and help forward movement. Thanks" - Josephine

"Katy is a complete natural with her practice as a Kinesiologist. I had my first session online with Katy and had some amazing experiences energetically. I managed to shift some stored up emotion that was deep rooted and I really did feel those roots that were holding on. Katy has an instant ability to make you feel calm and connected via her online work so I imagine in person her presence with her practice is profound. I highly recommend Katy and would definitely have another session with her" - Helen



  • Advanced Graduate Diploma In Kinesiology
  • MBIT Coach

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