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As seen in Dr Brian Weiss's books and other real life examples, past life regression has the benefits of healing our fears, phobias, trauma and negative beliefs. Not only that, it often brings about new insights and wisdom that can help us maneuver through our current life with ease, grace and renewed sense of purpose. Whether you are just curious or feel drawn to explore your past lives for any reason, trust that you are guided here for a reason.  Find out how past life regression can solve some of the mysteries in your lives and promote profound healing and growth.  

Inner Oasis - Past Life Regression

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Anxiety Self-love Fears Stress Confidence & esteem Depression

Some traumas and negative beliefs originate from this lifetime, but some could have an origin in your past life. By accessing your past life memory, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate the situation and give it more empowering meanings. When you heal the first event that leads to your negative belief, you heal the entire timeline of experiences that sustain the negative belief. This has a powerful effect on dissolving your fears, phobias, negative beliefs and the challenging reality that manifested as a result. Back to our original motto “Every obstacle is an opportunity to heal, discover and transform”. Your fear and pain could be a blessing in disguise, as they present you an opportunity to re-evaluate the situation with love, to grow from it and to transform into a bigger and better version of you.

Alternatively, you may just want to explore your past life out of curiosity. This is a good way to remind yourself that you are an eternal being, which can give you new insights and perspectives on your current life


5 Services

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy
$150 Per session

This session allows us to understand our past lives and our true nature as an eternal being. It also allows us to resolve limiting beliefs or traumas originated in past lives, giving us the wisdom in creating an authentic experience in this lifetime.

Initial Session - Holistic Therapy

1hr 30min
Counselling Holistic Counselling Counselling Online Holistic Counselling Online Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Online Energy Healing Reiki Energy Healing Online Reiki Online
$220 Per session

We will talk about your current situations and desired outcomes, including the experiences you have had so far and your current thought and behavioural patterns.This session will include a healing aspect such as hypnotherapy or reiki/ energy healing.

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  • ASCH - The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

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