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At Inner Smile Hypnosis, we specialise in using hypnosis to empower people through the power of their minds and inner resources so they can progress their lives to the next step.

Inner Smile Hypnosis

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Goal setting Fears Face to face appointments Anxiety Quit smoking Stress Management


Eliminate unnecessary suffering with the power of your mind!

- Quit smoking
- Phobias and fears
- Confidence
- Coaching for confidence and motivation

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool, to say the least, it is deeply relaxing and can have a profound effect on your general well being, furthermore, it can greatly help you achieve goals that you have been stuck in for a long time by allowing you through the power of your mind to overcome your limitations.

It is a great tool for quitting smoking, improving confidence, public speaking, overcoming phobias; they are all totally possible.

Inner Smile Hypnosis is dedicated to self-development, performance improvement and the overall betterment of the human state.

We believe that we all have an amazing unconscious mind capable of empowering us to create the changes we want. One of the tools we rely upon is hypnosis.


Inner Smile Hypnosis mainly works with hypnosis as a tool for change and is based in the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra).

Services are mainly grouped as following:

Group Sessions:

This is a one day or half day workshop targeted for audiences who wish to explore the power of hypnosis in their daily lives. The following areas can be targeted for a workshop:

Mild Depression
Goal setting
Be Happy

Coaching Sessions:

Coaching sessions are available for clients who don’t need a face to face session but can benefit from weekly sessions. This is generally for issues related to self esteem and confidence, weight release, motivation, and any other issues that can be helped. It is combined with self hypnosis that are provided free of charge as part of the coaching package, and recommended readings and listening.

One to One Sessions:

Smoking cessation session: Usually this is a once-off 2-3 hour session (approximately) and is aimed to identify (as best as possible) all the underlying causes and associations of smoking, and through hypnosis, eliminate and address all of these causes. It is expected that clients stop smoking immediately after this session and remain non-smokers. If a client identifies other issues after the first session, it is recommended that they book a standard session as a follow up.
Standard session: This session is for any other specific issue you may have, and is generally a 1-1.5 hour session. This type of session is for everything else and is meant to cover issues with one or multiple sessions as agreed with the client.

Session Prices

Smoking cessation: $300 AUD
First standard session: $180 AUD
Standard session: $150 AUD
Phone and Skype receive a $20 discount.
Coaching sessions: $100 AUD for four 15 minute sessions.
For discounts and prepaid sessions: please contact us.

Please contact us for a quote.

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