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Get help to Quit Smoking the natural way, with a professional Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session. We here at Inspired For Success Hypnotherapy provide treatments for people of all ages

Inspired For Success Hypnotherapy - Quit Smoking

Servicing area

Melton South and Western Suburbs

Focus areas

Habits Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Hypnotherapist Stress management Procrastination

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes - GUARANTEED

Save thousands of dollars and add years to your life, with our exceptional success rate most people quit smoking in one QUIT Cigarettes in 60 Minutes session.

What To Expect During a Session?

Because your reasons for smoking cigarettes are different from other people's reasons. The areas you need help in are different to your friends. Since we customise the session to you and address your specific needs, you become a non smoker with ease.

We use a combination of advanced hypnotic techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is safe, pleasant and effective; you'll wonder why you ever smoked.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes system that we back it up with a Lifetime Guarantee so if you ever smoke again you can come back for another session for FREE!

Quit Smoking Testimonials

"I am very pleased I decided to go ahead and do this program. It was very easy and non invasive. I would recommend it to anyone considering giving up smoking. I was a packet of 30 a day smoker, I am now a non smoker."
- Kellie, Sunbury Victoria

"After 20 years and numerous attempts, Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes was the quick and easy way to give up and I haven't felt like one since."
- Simon, 27/4/09

"I walked out a non smoker after 40 years."
- Barbara, Melton Victoria

"I tried everything else and wanted to change my life. I fully recommend this procedure."
- Robert, Melton West

Free yourself from cigarettes once and for all, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to organise your next treatment

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