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Janette Grace

Janette Brown

Room 105
109 Alexander St
Crows Nest NSW 2065

Servicing area: Crows Nest

Janette Grace

Janette has integrated many streams of Kinesiology and energy techniques into clinic, facilitating thousands of Kinesiology balances in her Sydney clinic

Inspire Freedom



At the Inspire Freedom Wellness Centre, the focus is to help our clients get the results they desire. The core issues we work on, may be emotional, structural, nutritional, psychological, energetic or even spiritual. When we identify the core issue we use kinesiology techniques to resolve what shows. These techniques are gentle and non-invasive, which sometimes include tapping, emotional release, massage of meridian points, acupressure holding points, oils or essences.

After a Kinesiology balance you may feel:

~ Calm
~ Focused
~ More energy
~ Relaxed
~ Emotional & Mental stillness
~ Healthy Gut
~ Empowerment
~ Release of repetitive patterns
~ Freedom
~ Live in the present time
~ Focus of self-improvement
~ Reaching goals
~ Reprograming
~ Releasing challenges


Immediately I felt like I was in the right hands with Janette, she assisted me with removing ties to a trauma I had experienced, and we are now working on saying goodbye to old patterns, and blocked energy that is holding me back.

I always feel a sense of growth and change for the better afterwards.



After seeing Janette, I lost 10 kilos!

I was a sugar addict and I would wake up everyday and think about where I was going to get my daily fix. After my first session with Janette I woke up the following day and didn’t realise until I was preparing dinner for the family that night that I hadn’t thought about cola or sugar for the entire day. Two months down the track and I’m still cola and sugar free. Amazingly I had no sugar withdrawals! Cola and sugar do not exist to me anymore and I don’t miss it one little bit. 

Janette has opened up a new world to me with our Skype balances and i’m am so excited to see where it leads me.

Janette, you are bringing positive changes into my life with each and every balance I have with you.



My sessions with Janette were instrumental in pulling me out of the rut I was in.

Janette’s encouraging and professional approach made me feel relaxed, confident and inspired. After only a few sessions I had the confidence and motivation to get a promotion at work and create a successful side business. She helped me work through the barriers that were blocking me from achieving the goals that I wanted to reach in my life.


Qualification Details

Kinesiology and Energy qualifications include:
Diploma of Kinesiology
Certificate IV Kinesiology
Certificate in Training & Assessment
Kinergetics 1, 2, 3, 4 & Master Class
Resonate Essences Practitioner Training
Auric Alignment Advanced Training
Touch for Health Synthesis
Touch for Health Instructor
Brain Formatting
Neuro-emotional Pathways
Pyrrole & Methylations Pathways
Energy healing - Reiki

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