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Integrated Energy Healing

Geraldine Milton

The Mer - Ka - Ba Centre
77 Kirkwood Ave
Seaford VIC 3198

Integrated Energy Healing

Geraldine Milton is a teacher and practitioner of Therapeutic Touch (Krieger/Kunz), a practitioner of Reiki Jin Ki Do and has recently been initiated into the Shamanic traditions of the Munay-Ki, offering workshops in this natural therapy.

Integrated Energy Healing - Geraldine Milton

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Geraldine Milton

M. Bioethics (Monash). B. Appl. Sc. CHN. (Lincoln/La Trobe). Dip. N. Ed (Lincoln/La Trobe). Infant Welfare (Maternal & Child Health Cert). Dip. Tropical Diseases (London). RN. RM. Cert 1V in workplace training.

Hi. My professional background for most of my working life has been in nursing and midwifery. This led me to leave the UK and move to a busy hospital and a community based clinic, in Zambia, working for a large mining company. During that time I came across a variety of indigenous healing practices. I returned to the UK for 2 years, before emigrating to Australia in 1976 to work as a bush nurse in a remote area of the Northern Territory. From a nursing perspective it was a rewarding and challenging experience, but I was personally blown away by what I learned about and from such a unique culture, and also about myself living so closely within the community. There were numerous fun moments where I was asked to join the womens group for womens business, where they generously shared their healing and spiritual wisdom. By the time I left, I had enormous respect for the ancient concept of women and mens business, and how they worked together within community.

Moving to Melbourne was a bit of a culture shock when I had been immersed for 2 years in the remote outback. I studied nursing education, and stayed in that role for most of my career, teaching in hospitals, community nursing agencies and in Universities. In the last 12 years I have moved back to working with families in the community, which I really enjoy.

I came across Reiki in 1989 and without really knowing what an impact it would have on my life, decided to attend a Reiki workshop. I had been introduced to meditation techniques and attended some great professional development courses that probably made me aware of universal consciousness and to possibility of energy healing. After learning Reiki, I interested in joining a group of wonderful people who were offering Reiki at the Windana Centre in St Kilda. This centre was the first step in the 2-3 week drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, and complementary therapies were offered to assist residents during the withdrawal process. They were then able to be transferred to a Therapeutic Community in Pakenham.

Another life changing event was choosing to go to Flinders University in Adelaide in 1993 to study the energy healing practice of Therapeutic Touch (TT), that was taught by the co-founder, the amazing and diminutive Dr Dolores Krieger. This was her first time in Australia I believe. TT was and is widely practiced in hospitals and community health agencies in the USA and originated from a nursing model of case. The process and the energy is very different from Reiki, but they do complement each other amazingly well as healing modalities.

More recently, as you will see from my NT pages , I have studied the ancient rites of the Munay-ki again another life changing and rewarding decision. Still the journey continues ...

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