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Holistic Beauty Therapy and why Women need to take the time...

What is Holistic Beauty Therapy and why is it different from mainstream beauty therapy and Cosmedics?

As women we are in charge of birthing and teaching future generations how to improve just about everything, we strive for a better way of life and health for our families.

Women also love Beauty Treatments of all kinds, traditionally women used to get together and help each other look and feel good as a group. Lots of braiding the hair, body tattooing and sometimes body paint were the thing in the tribe that helped create lots of social fun, usually before weddings, christenings and other milestones family events and rights of passage.

Women are also in charge of food and both physical and mental nourishment for those around them, plus Women love to gossip, exchange ideas and more importantly have fun. Women like to laugh.

When did this change? When did guilt set in?

When did we forget to ask What is in this and is it good for my family and environment?

When did Women cease to think that they were important enough to warrant pampering and to reward themselves for doing so much?

Holistic Beauty Therapy is exactly what it sounds like, it is looking at the whole person and treating the whole body and mind to help in beautifying the spirit within and the physical without.

Most Beauty Therapy today is involved in recommending the quick fix, the Botox, the line fillers and plumpers used during the lunch hour. The IPL lasers to fix just about anything, the outer beauty reigns supreme at present. Most Beauty Salons are focussed on turnover and on the $ value of each person that walks through the door and also how fast that turnover can be to maximise profits with extra sales.

What a pity

The old adage of keeping Mum happy so the rest of the family will benefit has been thrown out the door. The poor Woman is trying to juggle so many things in her life, including holding down a job, cooking, cleaning, nurturing her children and also trying to keep her own relationship with her partner on the right track. She hasnt got much time for nurturing herself and yet she has to look good as well.

Is it any wonder the divorce rate is so high?

Holistic Beauty Therapy is a wonderful way to enjoy your treatments and to reward and nurture yourself, so you can do a better job when you leave. There should be no guilt involved here it is a necessity.

The Holistic Beauty Therapist is totally focussed on the client from top to toe plus if alternative healing such as Reiki can be used as well, then encouraging relaxation of mind, body and spirit is far more beneficial.

Using Aromatherapy Oils to promote wellness is also very important, creating a no-rush environment or an Oasis of Calm with soft lights, candles and gentle music is VIP for our fast paced existence.

A Beauty Therapist who uses Reiki uses it to great benefit as the Reiki comes through to the client just with touch or massage, this will then help to restore their esoteric balance and healing.

There needs to be more definition between a fast work-forced Salon that uses Cosmedics and quick fixes to one that promotes wellness. Holistic Beauty Therapy uses no products that will hurt the client or the environment. No Mineral Oils, Vaselines or Paraffins. If you cant eat it then dont use it on your body, your skin is porous. Lets work with the body and not against it.

The body has a great capacity to heal itself given the right conditions, that is not to say there isnt a need for traditional medicine and medical attention, however there is a real need at the moment for us all to take responsibility for our physical and mental selves and our families future and to ask lots of questions.

Taking the time to nurture ourselves and our families is vital.

We live in a chemical soup every day, its in the air we breathe and the products that we use in our homes. Its in the foods we eat. Our beautiful Mother Earth is choking on all the chemicals and drugs that are produced every day. Are they really necessary?

As a group of Human Beings, Women have enormous power to change things. We need to start reading all labels for everything including Beauty Products and asking things like What is in this Tomato Sauce apart from tomatoes?

Women now need to stand up and say Enough is enough, as a group we can change things with our purchasing power, seeing as we do most of the purchasing! And we can do that very rapidly.

So ladies, lets start to enjoy our birthright again and begin to enjoy life including allowing ourselves the time for Holistic Beauty Treatments, without guilt. Throw out the guilt and allow ourselves to be pampered. You deserve it all and more. If you are happy, then so will everyone else.

Make the time today. A regular Beauty Treatment every month costs less than a bottle of wine and is much more beneficial you wouldnt think twice about getting the car tuned up, so what about you for a change?

Valerie-Anne Kimpton Intune Beauty Therapy Doonan, Queensland

Article Feature

"New Year New You"

We all make New Years resolutions, every year. We promise ourselves to stop drinking, stop smoking, maybe lose the extra weight we put on at Christmas and so on. Even though we have the best intentions a lot of them fall away into dissolution by the end of February!

What if we were to go a little deeper, and not worry so much about the outside things, but think about the inside things?

Some things give us satisfaction like ironing the clean washing really well, making sure our family or loved ones are well cared for, or cleaning the house until it sparkles, we hope others will notice our selfless acts for our family. Even though we gain satisfaction from these selfless acts, others rarely notice as we do, which makes us feel a bit unloved. These things are outside things and not inside things.

Im not suggesting you stop doing these things, however, if we did something for ourselves on the inside and accomplished them for ourselves, the satisfaction gained would be enormous and we dont have to feel guilty! If we love ourselves a little more, we will not feel unloved.

Its a bit like those who play golf, they are always trying to beat their own personal best. So we can do that too, on the inside.

This kind of thinking in all areas to do with ourselves is the basis of many self development courses, and yet we read the books and go to the Seminars, but have we really got it Girls??

If you start off small you can do bigger things in the future, this is a secret way of beating our own best, which no one has to know about except you, you know about it on the inside.

If you fail the first time, please try not to berate yourself, we all fell over a lot before we could walk. Someone kindly picked us up and off we went again. Sometimes we fall over a lot and even hurt ourselves too. Try not to worry it is all an important process. Do it again tomorrow, but please Just Do it.

These inside things can be anything you want to improve on from physical to mental. As Women we all spend lots and lots and lots of time helping others, so we find it difficult to help ourselves for a change and usually the guilt hangs around like a bad smell for ages!

Just focussing on you and getting rid of the guilt is a mission in itself for most of us. How many times have you sacrificed something you would like to do because your children, husband, family come first? Especially when it comes to money!

Most men wouldnt think twice about buying something fairly large like a Boat, Bike, extra Car, Fishing Tackle, Golf Clubs or whatever it might be. They dont always have their partner or family in mind when they do so. So why do we, as Women, not put something aside for ourselves for a change?

If you are happy, everyone around you will be as well! Why not think about frustration in all areas of your life and work on that for a change, its an inside thing, no one knows about it except you. One small step for Womankind! So this New Year, make your mind up to be a New You. Accept all the faults and mistakes you have made in the past, and mentally put them in a small box in your mind and lock up the box and forget about it. You can review it every now and then and see how far you have come, thats all.

You cannot do anything about the past, it is past and gone, the present can be changed every minute. So change it!!

Change: Write down a list of the things you would like to change about you on the inside, not what is happening on the outside. And start at number 1, then go to number 2 and so on. Tick them off 1 by 1.

Lets say you have a glass of wine a night habit, or maybe two glasses. We know some things are not good for us yet we continue to do them. If we limited ourselves to having that glass of wine, or two, only 2 days of the week instead of 7, and really enjoyed that glass of wine, we would be helping our personal discipline and not depriving ourselves and yet it would be better for us physically. The satisfaction that would give us on the inside, mentally not physically, would be far greater than an outside thing.

Open a savings account and put a little away every week to do something for you, however small, for whatever it might be. It might be a Massage or a new pair of Shoes. Or imagine how good it will feel to book that Overseas Holiday? You dont have to proclaim it from the rooftops, however it is something you will have achieved, for you. Share it if you like, but remember that it took some personal discipline to put it together for you, as well as for others to enjoy.

By the end of this year you will be a New You, nothing like the person you were last year! Every small step is a step on the pathway. As they say it may not happen overnight, but it will happen!

Appreciate every thing that comes your way, however difficult, mentally examine whatever it might be, work out ways to accomplish overcoming it, and take a small step in that direction every day.

Love Yourself, Love your Life, and remember however hard it is, there is always someone out there far worse off than you are.

Some of Womens greatest accomplishments go unnoticed except by those women themselves. Remember a Woman somewhere is actually climbing Everest, on the inside. What about you?

Valerie-Anne Kimpton Intune Beauty Therapy Doonan Queensland


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