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Gabrielle Bailey - Midlife Mentor

Gabrielle Bailey

181 Excelsior Pde
Toronto NSW 2283

Servicing area: Newcastle, Toronto, Central Coast New South Wales

Gabrielle Bailey - Midlife Mentor

Gabrielle Bailey -  The Midlife Mentor

Consciously Choosing Life using the InValueAble Way Mentoring Program

The InValueAble Way - 3 Month Mentoring Program


Hello, I’m Gabrielle Bailey

I’m a Midlife Mentor, inspiring women who are transitioning through the middle years of life.

May I offer you a helping hand?

The InvalueAble Way

THE INVALUEABLE WAY is my 3 month mentoring program to get clear, get real, and get inspired to embrace the changes in your life. It’s a program of possibility, change and freedom. I promise…no matter what condition your life is in at the moment, I can help you recreate your dreams, reignite your passion, and rejoice in living life wholeheartedly.

As your mentor I am inspired to recognise you in your life, to support you to release the patterns and blockages, to resolve thigns from the past, to free up a space where you can reignite the dreams and recreate living your life in a newfound freedom and authenticity. It's your life. It's your choice. I can help you with that.

All my training and experiences have been carefully collated in my unique program, The InValueAble Way -  It’s your bridge to help you feel supported and optimistic as you cross the mid-life crevice, to avoid it becoming a crisis.

You will have access a smorgasbord of modalities like The JourneyTheta Healing®, Ignite your Spirit, Crystal Dreaming, Values and Virtues, all part of my personal experience and accreditation over the last eighteen years .

Are you ready to recreate the rest of your life?

Please email me or call me on 0418689526 to organise your introductory 1-hour "Lift" session, for $120. (This amount will be credited toward your future mentoring program.)

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and helping you to design a life that is rewarding, enriching, fulfilling and a whole lot of fun!


For more information, call me, visit my website or click on one of the buttons below

Qualification Details

Therapist and Teacher - Theta Healing (TM)

Therapist & Teacher - Crystal Dreaming (TM)

Master Practitioner - The Journey (TM)

Certified Life Coach

Master of Education Studies
Diploma of Teaching
Bachelor of Social Science

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