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iPhysio Australia

iPhysio Australia
Developed back in 2000 coming from humble beginnings iPhysio Australia has been built into a fundamental part of the community in western Sydney.

About iPhysio Australia

Welcome to iPhysio  Australia

With a busy clinic situated in Belmore providing Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy, the amazing team at iPhysio are committed to delivering a world class physio care and improving the quality of movement and life to the broader Sydney community.

Our clinic has a number of therapists providing exercise physiology and physiotherapy including taping, dry needling, active release techniques and exercise for chronic disease. All of our practitioners provide a hands on approach to therapy concentrating on manual therapy to achieve the most beneficial results possible from the very first session. We provide effective pain relief and lasting solutions for a range of joint and muscle conditions including bursitis, shoulder impingements, sports injury, osteoarthritis, hip pain, pregnancy related lower back pain, neck pain, abdominal separation and migraines.

Our Vision

To develop a world class team of physiotherapists who are continuously striving too improve and to innovate their very best practice.

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iPhysio Australia - Clinic Services At IPHYSIO We Believe That You Will Get The Best Results With A Team Of Professionals Working Together.

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