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HYDROGEN / OXYGEN REGENERATION with PRANAYAMA TEACHING Breathing is a somatic experience as much as sustenance for life. Beyond that, it is Pranayama Yoga (Union with the Divine). Experience a simple Hydrogen/Oxygen breathing session, or utilise it additionally as a chance to connect with all your cells and recover lost immunity with new energy.

Oxygen / Hydrogen Breatharian Room and Complex Red Light Therapy

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Hydrogen is inhaled through the nose from a hydrogen/oxygen station. Hydrogen being the smallest element in the universe has the ability to easily permeate through skin, bone, muscle, organs, and vessels, reaching into our cells. It even crosses the brain barrier due to its tiny molecular size, acting as an anti-oxidant, stimulating the immune system. ATP (energy source Adenosine Triphosphate) within the mitochondria is also passed on to oxygen which produces new energy.

In recent research papers, hydrogen is effective in anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, auto-immune disease, chemotherapy side effects, competency of athletes, recovery of chronic fatigue, and acceleration of energy metabolism.

We offer different levels of the Hydorgen/Oxygen Breatharian experience:
1. Simple Hydrogen/Oxygen breathing session with no additional therapies $50 (for new users 30 mins recommended).
1 hour $60
2. Revitalising session including Pranayama Breathing Therapy $90 (1 hour).
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A full body 300 LED panel with state-of-the-art technology that is very precise in its hertz (waves), delivers powerful physiological effects. A satisfying experience lying down and enjoying the effects. One constantly commented on is the feeling of buzzing and stimulated energy in the body/skin.

Without red/infrared light we experience less oxygen utilisation in the body; feeling sludgey, heavy; less ATP production, slower metabolism and inflammation (eg arthritic or lactic acid pain).

Red Light Exposure produces higher oxygen utilisation (increased fat burning and metabolism); higher ATP production; increased and more mobilised cellular energy; nitric acid release; lowering of inflammation, plus benefit in wound, scar and claimed anti-ageing benefits for the skin.



EESystem Scalar Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing
$70 $56 Per hour
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We welcome Natural Therapy Pages readers with a 20% Off Opening Special, Mt Eliza. (Book on website) The EESystem generates bio-active life enhancing energy “scalar waves” promoting cell regeneration and relief. www.iquantumwellness.com

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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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