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In Touch Wellness Centre

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Address Fremantle

We encourage community through true connection to self, others and all of life.

In Touch Wellness Centre - Services

Our primary objective at In Touch Wellness is to provide those with a wish to heal, grow and transform with guidance and holistic health care to allow them to live an authentic and energetic life. We empower families and individuals to express their full potential in emotions, body, spirit and emotions.

We endeavour to educate and to serve with the presence, the highest integrity, compassion and depth whilst holding a safe, loving and conscious space.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

Network Spinal Analysis is a gentle yet highly effective method of chiropractic care and is an evidenced-based approach to healing, body awareness and wellness. It uses gentle touch to very specific points on your spine (gateways). These will stimulate the body and the brain to create new strategies to promote self-reorganisation and energy efficiency so that you can deal with the stresses of life in a more effective manner.

Benefits of Care:

  • Improved Physical State
  • Improved Response to Stress
  • Improved Emotional/Mental State
  • Improved Life Enjoyment
  • Improved Overall Quality of Life

Reorganisational Healing

Reorganisational healing is defined as “a paradigm for the advancement of wellness, behaviour change, holistic practice and healing” and it provides people with a suite of tools to create a map to self-assess and draw on strengths to create sustainable change.

Somato-Respiratory Integration

The Somato Respiratory Integration TM (SRI) exercises are specifically designed to help the brain reconnect with the body and its experience.

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